Which is the most correct spelling of the Arabic greeting Assalamu Alaykum?

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There are so many different variations of spelling of this greeting, that I wondered which was the most correct, or if not that, used or common. I've also seen Salaam alaykum, ...show more
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  • Jenny answered 7 years ago
Actually there are two reasons for the different spellings. Arabic is written with the Arabic alphabet, and there are various ways to transliterate it into the English alphabet. Different transliterations are spelled differently: assalaam alaikum, assalamu 'alaykam, etc.
The second reason is that this Arabic greeting is also used by Muslims who speak languages other than Arabic and so it's used throughout the middle east, central Asia, parts of Africa, and elsewhere, by people who don't speak Arabic. (As well as by Arabic speakers who speak different dialects of Arabic.) Each has its own different pronunciation, which results in a different spelling in English.
Your spelling of salumu 'aleiko looks like one of these; it might come from a dialect or language that doesn't usually have the letter "m" pronounced at the end of the word. Assalaam alaikum or Salaam alaykum would be difficult for someone to say if their language or dialect never has an "m" sound at the end, so they would change it to Salamu 'aleiko in their pronunciation.

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  • linda z answered 7 years ago
    I think the correct one is: السلام عليكم (Assalam alaikum).
    The commonly used one is: سلام عليكم (Salam alaikum).
    The one which lots of respect is: السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته (Assalam alaikum worahmatullahi wobarakatuh)
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  • javelefran answered 7 years ago
    The best is to write : "Assalaam(u ) 'alaykum" ; it's informal, but quite usual not to pronounce the "u". "Salaam" is abit looser, but actually "As-" is unstressed in "Assalaam" and may be heard not very well. I don't feel that " 'alaykam" is possible; I suppose "'alayko"is dialectal. I think it's better to write "assalaamu" with two "a" to note a long "a".
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  • Sam answered 7 years ago
    there aren't different dialects in arabic as far as i know. and u have to get the A in front of the s in assalamu.. tht's all that really matters.
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  • joulsey answered 7 years ago
    Those mean the same thing, and the Arabic spelling would be the correct one.Yes it is a matter of estimating how the Arabic phrase sounds in romanised spelling.
    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته is usually the spelling.
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  • NewYork247 answered 7 years ago
    I am south Asian and I spell it Assalamualikum, but I also use to communicate with my family members in Arabia, as well.

    Hope this helped!
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