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I'm tryin' to get at least 50 answers with this question...PLEASE see details!?

Someone did some really hurtful things to a friend of mine on here last night and it really upset him! Could you please leave ((hugs)) and some kind words here for him for when he returns. Please just say something nice he would do the same for you! Please STAR the question as well!! Have a great morning/afternoon/evening/night/!! Thank you!

To my _ _ _ _, Big hugs and kisses from your Raevan


Before someone cracks on my spelling there should be a "t" at he end of night.

Update 2:

I just want to say thank you sooo much to everyone who gave NICE answers!!!!

I also wanna give a special thank you to I (heart) Chocolate Milk! because she posted links to this question all day!! Thanx, ur my girl!!

I also wanna say I love you to my bestest friend, and I hope this makes you feel better!! : )

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    my Raevan!!! *hugs u tight* i love u raevan, u gave me back my smile aha~ *smiles up at u* joey hopes u dunt thenk its weird he gets shaky an nervouse soemtimes aha *sweats* okay please, *blinks at u, an blows my nose on ur shirt waiting for u to answer* ♥

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    Your VERY lucky to have a friend who cares soooo much for you to do what Raevan is doing, you must be a pretty cool guy, and I hope that all the support yourt getting on here gives you some faith in humanity....we're not all idiots!

    btw, most of us can get pretty harsh on here at times so don't let what someone says online get you down, they may have had a bad day (or a bad life) and are just letting off steam, and didn't realize they would hurt someones feelings that much. OR maybe you hit a nerve and they struck back...whatever the reason, with friends like Raevan you can afford to ignore the asses!

    Hugs and Kisses all the way from AUZ!!!!!

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    Awww, I'm sorry you got hurt! I know that sometimes people answer questions in a really self-centered way, but when someone does that, you have to 'consider the source.' Don't let that person's opinion become YOUR problem. There are a whole lotta NICE, NICE people on here who do their best to amuse others and spread good will, so don't let the few who aren't like that spoil your good times.


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    This is very sweet of you to do!!! I am quite sure who you are talking about, so here is a message to him: Dear, _ _ _ _: Well, first off, *hugshugshugs*. Be very happy that Raevan cares so much about you. You are both very special, great people. I loves you and many other people here do, too. You ask very unique questions and you are so very sweet to everyone. The person who hurt your feelings is a big, big dummie who probabaly does not like pickles. You just keep on being sweet and don't be sad. Much loves to both of you, I (Heart) Chocolate Milk.

    Source(s): Ooh! GleN is getting sexy! lols! Thank you for the special thank you! I love you both lots!
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    Hey man, I'm sorry some punk got to you, but don't worry about it. You are a great guy and lucky to have someone like Raevan care about you so much. Here is a man hug (((hug))) Feel better soon and don't let that punk get you down! Keep on groovin!

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    I've had something really hurtful happen to me, on here, too! You have to pick yourself up, dust yourself off & keep going! Don't worry about what some moron says while they hide behind a computer screen! Those people are jack-o-lanterns! You have a lot of people on here that really do care about you & what you have to say!

    Much love & big *HUGS*!

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    Listen friend of Raeven's, good people do bad things and sometimes bad people do good things. I was taught that by a very wise person. I don't know what happened but I can tell you that what ever it was, this person who did this will have to answer for what they have done and in fact they are the ones who truly suffer. You see that is why we hurt others, because we our selves are hurting. So take this pain that has been unjustly given to you and let go of it, someone put it there because they are in pain, forgive them for your self, so you can heal.

    I hope this makes some sense.


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    Hey bud there r some sick ppl in the world and unfortunately many of them choose to go on Yahoo Answers....ignore wutever they said and stand up 4 proud of who u are....i hope it was not smitty or skinhead charlie because i had problems wit them on here......clearly they either wanted negative attenion or are really mental...Yahoo needs 2 learn how to ban ppl like that from Y/A the first time they post an inappropriate and disgustingly repulsive answer or question on here......just dont worry bout em...feel better!

    TURN THAT FROWN, UPSIDE DOWN!! lol corny i know

    :( ..................................:)

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    People can be really nasty when behind a computer screen. Choose your friends carefully on here and bounce back (I know it's easier said than done, right?). So many people are on here just to brag, flirt, and bring people down.

    Just know that the majority of the users are looking at that hurtful person's statements thinking "What a jerk!". Don't do what I do and react. You just lower yourself to their level. Smile and have a good day knowing how many people are on your side. :)

    Source(s): I'm learning on here, too.
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    Oh, bless!

    I had hurtful things said to me aswell, and it was through the kind words of people on here that I started to feel better, so allow me to return the favour by being nice back...

    HUGS! Please don't let them get you down. Remember that it is easy to be nasty, but it's nicer to be nice, so be nice to all those who were nasty to you, and they'll get got by Karma!

    You're great! Don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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