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What do you guys think of this?

Your physical matter is a vehicle to your immortal Soul. Life is hard due to a very simple explanation. The Universal laws of cause and effect due to human interaction and choices of others and yourself. You have been given free will to discover yourself. Therefore you learn through mistakes. The worse it gets the better. Because you become the Wiser.

Remember the Sun always rises the next day. Put your Past behind you and ask yourself: What have you learned through your choices? What would you do different the next time around? Once you catch on to this pattern, you start to gain wisdom through experience. And experience can only be learned through a physical reality. This is why your Soul incarnates into physical form, to experience life.

There are others that are closer to creation through this natural development. The Universal Laws consist of everything. There is a natural order of things. For example, watch how a flock of birds cooperate when flying through the sky. This true interaction is the same for every other living thing.

When Universal Laws or Natural laws are broken, many bad things happen. It is literally a Hell created by you and everyone else around you. The only way to break this cycle is to sort out your actions and determine or visualize your desired outcome. Focus on where you want to go from here. The best way to do this is through meditation. Your inner voice is God. The answers will flow inside of you.

The worst mistake you can make is to logically practically without heart or feelings determine that all there is, is a material physical response. There are many layers and layers of complexity in the Universe. But the true Celestial essence of yourself, creation, is heard and felt through Love.

Breathe in Love. Breathe out Peace. This is the only way to clear your mind and feel the love of you, creation.

You will live each life over and over again refining yourself. Gaining wisdom. Contributing to the expansion of the Universe. This is the ultimate goal for God. Expanding and creating.

The biggest destroyer in spirituality is the mind. Put that to the side and feel Joy and Love. Negativity is a disease. It will kill your true identity in a heart beat. The wrath of Hell will always Nip at your Flesh until you give into Love and Peace. The warm vibrating energy will then be felt and you will then be on the right path to enlightenment.

Don't let the negativity of others and yourself bring you down. You must always avoid that way of thinking no matter what. Only you can obtain inner peace. No one else can do it for you. Your spiritual development will help connect you to new opportunities that will help you go into a more positive direction. Do not lose hope. I Bless You. I wish you the best. Go in peace and discover new positive life experiences.

If you want to learn more about manifestation and abundance, you must first learn the first steps to meditation and spirituality. There is a way, you can be anything you want to be. But first you must win the first battle. The battle with yourself.

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    Keep it up and write a book and you'll be on Oprah soon!

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    Very long read. Quite good though. Your views come from a belief in re-incarnation I believe but the message has strong tones of Christianity thread through it ("physical body is a vehicle for the immortal soul, you learn through mistakes, put the past behind you (this is what happens when we accept Jesus into our lives and He wipes the slate clean), when the Laws are broken many bad things happen, determine and focus on your desired outcome and focus on where to go from there (pray for guidance), Your inner voice is God (this is difficult and can get confused rather easily though) and answers will flow inside of you. Breathe in love, breathe out peace (Live with Gods hand over your life (as God is love and peace)), negativity is against love and peace and is a disease (also representative of sin), it will kill your true identity in a heartbeat (Christians would actually say it will kill YOU in a heartbeat rather than your identity), the wrath of hell will always nip at your flesh until you give into love and peace (we are all sinners and the wages of sin is death. "He himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so we may die to sins and live for righteousness. Through His wounds you have been healed" (1 Peter 2:24). The warm vibrating energy will then be felt (The love of God), don't let the negativity of others and yourself bring you down. Your spiritual development (Christian walk) will help connect you to new opportunities that will help you go into a more positive direction (God's purpose for our lives).

    Two things I would disagree with you though:

    1) But first you must win the battle (Jesus won the battle), the battle with yourself (I would say the battle WITHIN yourself.

    2) It is the way we deal with this life that will ultimately affect what happens after we die. Eternal love and life with God, or a Godless eternity. I can't agree with reincarnation at the moment.

    By the way: the references to Christianity were because I agree with you not to try to convert you. We should all be open to the other persons point of view though.

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    Your first couple of paragraphs were quite logical, but after that you pretty much lost me. I knew what you were trying to say, but it didn't make a whole lot of logical sense.

    The idea that we are here to learn from life is sound, and the harder your life the better. But that is not the only possibility.

    Life could be for education, or entertainment, or rehabilitation, or punishment, or several other possibilities.

    Life may simply be an advanced society's interactive video game. It might be a way for them to educate their young, or rehabilitate criminals, or punish them. It may be how they program robots for empathy and personal interaction. Life may be a program running on some PC somewhere. Those of us who learn how to properly interact with others, will be given actual robot bodies, those of us who don't, will be deleted.

    There are so many possibilities for why life is, but the idea that life is just an accident, is overly simplistic. But who created us, and why, is something I haven't figured out yet. But if life does have a purpose, then it probably isn't important for me to know what that purpose is. But I actually choose to live as if there really is a purpose to life, if it turns out that there isn't, I will be none the worse off for having believed.

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    I believe this is a good starter for people who are just beginning to explore. I also think it IS motivating for those that are currently in a dark point in their lives! I think it could be tightened up, so to speak. Certain points, I felt, redirect the focus. Not that these weren't valid and important subjects, but what is the basic focus of this supposed to be? I feel for you though, I tend to think in circles and frequently go off on tangents and struggle when I attempt to submit my words to the general, linear thinking public. (Which I admit is the majority!) Personally, I would be more encompassing with certain terms, such as "God" and "Celestial." Either by including other "names" or just changing the wording. This of course is dependent on the intended audience. Light and Love to you, you're off to a great start!

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    I see a few fragmented branches of philosophy working alongside variable religious undertones taken out of context.

    It sounds like complete drivel.

    There is nothing to learn from this because it is nothing new. Science and religion are complimentary, so in a sense I can see why some would buy into this. It is familiar to them and it's the only thing they know.

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    I liked that, and there's alot of truth to what you said. I believe true peace comes from God through His Son, Jesus Christ. We can try to attain it through our own souls, but we will fail -- the peace is inconsistent.

    Peace manifested by God is consistent. For, although we are in situations which are challenging, if peace abides in you thorough Jesus, you have an inner Strength.

    And be thankful for those challenging times which threaten your peace, for in those times, you will grow and strengthen, and you are more prepared for the next trying time.

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    I agree with most of this except the creation by an original principle. There never was a beginning and there will never be an end as there was/is no sky fairy to my way of thinking.

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    The mind is the best tool we have. I won't be "setting it aside" for some New Age nonsense that offers no proof of souls, or God, or anything else.

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  • That is one long diatribe designed to make people feel good inside, but ultimately designed to convince people to join a religion that requires their money for propagation.

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    It sounds like a concoction of several different mystical religions, eastern. Very humanistic.

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