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Can British people speak like Americans?

I am American and Americans can put on a fake British accent (although i dont know how convincing it is)...the question is...can you English talk like Americans. I'm just curious if you can sound like we do.


and what the bloody hell is up with house? i think more british people watch it that americans. lol.

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    yes. they can

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    No I don´t think so. Sorry I´m not British, but if you believe Americans can put on a fake British accent, you are quite wrong. Almost all of us living in Europe know an American accent when hearing an American speaking. Who has said it´s wrong? Every people speak the language they know the best. (Another question that just came to my mind, why do you think you speak English in America?) Another thing, I think you also know where foreigner people come from when visiting America (well many do anyway, I think?). Have a good summer!

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    I can speak with a convincing American accent (so I'm told), but it doesn't vary. In other words, it remains North Tennessee no matter what. (I've never been to North Tennessee and have no plans to do so.) The only North Americans I've come across who could do a convincing British accent (and here again, which particular accent are we discussing among so very many?) are from New England. I suspect that even the actors we so much admire who are able to switch accent-wise to the other side of the Pond can only manage a neutral accent and would find it a great problem to come up with the accent of a particular region of the foreign country involved.

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    Not many Americans do a good fake English accent in my opinion - they go really over the top . Then again any English people working in the US tend to really play the English accent up!

    My American friend said that when English people try and do an American accent they all sound the same - kind of fakey California accent (must be all the tv shows!)

    There are some Brits on US tv with American accents (House, CSI) so maybe it depends on the person!

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  • Have you ever seen a movie? One with a British actor playing an American character? Of course British people can do American accents - it all depends on whether the individual can do it though and if you cannot then you find a good dialect coach. Some can. Some can't. Not everybody can ride a bike or wrap their legs around their heads. Hurrah for individuality. Hurrahh!!!!!!!!!! Yazoooo! Kalooooo Kalllayyyyy!

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    In general we Brits have a lousy American accent with the odd exception. Hugh Laurie does pretty well in House. The same goes for Americans doing an English accent. Usually it makes me cringe but Johnny Depp does OK and Mike Myres does a passable Glasgow accent as Shrek.

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    I can pick up on an accent from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Canada or the States very quickly (about 3 minutes).

    I'm surprised at somebody from the USA talking about an 'American' accent. There are vast differences between Boston, Texas and Californian accents.

    I'd love to hear your 'British' accent. Probably a bit 'Cary Grant', or 'Michael Caine'.

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    You have Hugh Laurie playing the doctor in House on TV! Is he convincing? Is he so convincing that you didn't even know he was British? If you had seen him as Bertie Wooster or the roles he played in the Blackadder series, you would be surprised! Sure we can do an American accent. I do it all the time when I visit the States, or Canada!

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    anyone can put on a fake accent, the point is whether it's any good.

    most of the time american's doing british accents are just hilariously bad - you think we all talk like butlers and stupid ones at that.

    even american actors are rubbish at it, but not as bad as when they try to do an irish accent.

    I think it's much easier for british people to do american accents as we hear them all the time (films, tv etc) whereas you probably don't hear so many and have a very narrow sterotype sound. so yes, yes we can.

    best accent by an american actor - brad pitt in snatch, you've probably never heard of it but his accent is sublime.

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    The americans i have met that try to do our accent or the english (i am from scotland) you can tell its fake cause its crap. If they do english one they always seem to do it all posh and stuff. But yeah some people can do american accent some of your states are easy to copy i think..also if you have american friends you can pick up there accent easy same as you will be able to pick up the english or scottish easy.

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    American British accents are invariably rubbish (though Johnny Depp does do a good Keith Richards). Hugh Laurie in 'House' though is pretty convincing as a Yank...

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