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What will George W. Bush be remembered for as a president?

I ask this because "cons" and "libs" are like rabid dogs trying to kill each other when they begin to talk over Bush and hi actions/policies.

Some presidents are remembered for positive sweeping reforms that benefitted all Americans, while others are remembered for less positive things, like "Watergate" for example...others are just remembered for laying the mack down on a certain intern.

Talk is one thing, but action is another all together. With an approval rating dropping near to levels of Nixon during the end of his administration, what will George W. Bush be remembered for? Good or bad.

I am asking for opinions here - not a full out war.

Thanks for your time!

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    He will be remembered as the man who perhaps did not earn the White House, and was not elected by popular vote.

    He will be remembered for the controversy in 2000 in Florida where his brother was governor and the head of the election board there won a White House job. He will be remembered for the controversy in Ohio in 2004. He will be remembered as a poor president who probably didn't deserve the office.

    He will be remembered for 9-11, and many will wonder if he failed to prevent such an attack. The events of 9-11 hurled him into world view. Without 9-11, he would probably have been a brief paragraph in a history book as the President who stayed on vacation. He will be remembered for WMD's that did not exist. He will be remembered for the deaths of many after he declared the war in Iraq was won.

    He will be remembered as the president who was too busy trying to be the worlds' terror topcop who let his own nation suffer tremendously as resources were stretched far too thin to respond to Katrina. People will wonder, what would he have done if the Hurricane was about to smash into a vulnerable white or oil city. He will be remembered for disregarding the warnings that the levees around New Orleans needed repair and strengthening.

    He will be remembered as saying "see ya on signing day"

    ..a day that will never come for if the Senate passes this flawed bill which does not serve the interests of the American middle and lower classes, the House will not.

    He will be remembered for not protecting our sovereignty

    by not securing our borders for 7 seven years after 9-11.

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    He will be remembered as the worst president the United States didn't elect by popular vote!

    He and Dick Cheney and his administration will remembered for taking this country to war based on personal feelings toward Sadam Hussian and Iraq.

    I don't believe 9/11 had anything to do with the decision to go to war in Iraq. It was the EXCUSE to go to war with Iraq all the other intelligence was fabricated and shoved down the throats of the American public and many members of Congress.

    The war in Iraq is George Bush's war along with the biggest chicken hawk ever, of course Vice President Dick Cheney. This makes Napolean's Waterloo a rousing success.


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    History has a funny way of getting thru all the Bull and politics and actually giving credit or blame where it is due...

    ...I do not think George W. Bush will go down in history as a bad president. I think he will be remembered for handling some of the most challenging problems in our time such as

    the war on terror

    ...the Katrina and Florida natural disasters

    ....and turning an imminent recession into a solvent economy

    ...people did not love Reagan until much later and you may be surprised how Bush will fare in the World Market of History!

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    First on the list, he will be remembered for going to war with Iraq and supposedly failing to resolve issues American's felt most important.

    Second, for handling 9-11 very assertively with the pride of America at his feet.

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    Sadly, I have a feeling that GW Bush will be remembered for his errors in dealing with th fallout from 9/11 and the Iraq War. But he won't be remembered for anything that he has done right, because that hasn't been recorded by the media, only his mistakes are headlined. Pity. The office of President no longer has any respect, nor is held in esteem and honor. I do not think that this is the fault of the President or the Gov't but instead, is the fault of the media. Sick. Sigh.

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    George W. Bush will be remembered as an important figure in the War on Terror.

    Whether or not the memory will be positive or negative is still in the works. It's too soon to tell.

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    He will be remembered as being one of the worst presidents in history. Stubborn and inflexible, unwilling to admit that he made a mistake or that he misrepresented the case for war in Iraq, Bush has his errors. He grossly mismanaged the war and thousands of American soldiers have died as a result. In his bid to force our brand of democracy on the Iraqi people, thousands of them are also dead. He will be remembered for making the USA the most hated nation since Nazi Germany and for his thug politics. He will be remembered as the man that turned his back on New Orleans during crisis until public outcry forced his hand. Many things Bush will be remembered for but for the life of me, I cannot think of one that will be a positive remembrance.

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    For winning the war in Iraq, but losing the peace, by adopting war aims that were ridiculously optimistic - e.g., democracy in a few weeks.

    Possibly, for unnecessarily splitting the Republican Party over immigration, instead of just leaving well enough alone.

    For not having the stomach to veto spending bills, thereby causing the Republicans to lose control of Congress.

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    Dubya will be remembered for a failed mercenary technique to extend America's foreign policies. Avoiding the military draft was his training and his practice, thus insulating the voters from the true price of this administration.

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    As a pleasantly lesser evil than Bill Clinton but still a disappointment but still a lesser evil than anything the Democrats could have offered or can offer now.And for being less of a boob than Gore or Kerry and totally pwning those noobs.

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