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Is spider a kind of insect ?

Is fish a kind of insect ?

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    NO! insects have six legs period. any other invertebrate with an external skeleton is another bug, or crustacean. spiders are more closely related to crabs and cray fish from the arthropods:

    Kingdom: Animalia

    Phylum: Arthropoda

    Class: Arachnida.........this is where you'll find good info

    Order: Araneae

    Family: Agelenidae

    don't no where fish came into this, as fish have an internal skeletons, not even close to either insects or spiders. thus, spiders would be more closely related to insects in that regard.

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    Spiders are NOT insects. They are arachnids. Different class. Fish certainly don't even come close to being insects.

    Ticks, scorpions, and spiders all fall into the same class, and it's not insect. Sorry.

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    Spiders (arachnids) vary sightly from insects :-

    They have 8 legs, they have their stomach and thorax fused.

    So spiders could be rather called an arachnid.

    Fish belongs to a seperate biological classification known as pisces(fish). Different kinds of fish are put in this classification.

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    No. spiders are arachnids.

    Fish is not an insect. First of all fish have a backbone and insects do not. Fish are vertebrates and insects are invertebrates.

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    well d spider satisfyz most of the characteristics of insects bt dere izz 1 exception bcz it dusnt have 6 legs n instead of it has 8 legs n evere1 knwz dat an insect is said to be such a living organism which has 6 legs<dis part can b taken as an exception>

    and as far as fishes are concernd how can they be insects?????

    n they rnnt insects<they barely satisfy the characteristics of insects>

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    No, a spider is an arachnid.

    Spiders have two body sections (head and abdomen), have chelicerae to feed with, and eight legs.

    Insects have three body sections (head, thorax, have mandibles to feed with, and abdomen) and six legs.

    Insects and spiders *are* both arthropods, with a hard, chitinous, exoskeleton. So are crabs (crustaceans), scorpions (another arachnid), beetles (insects), millipedes (myriapods), and most other "creepy-crawlies".

    Fish are vertebrates. Not actually too far from us, evolutionarily speaking. They have a spinal column (hence the term "vertebrate") - which insects, and all other invertebrates, do not have.

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    Insects have six legs. Spiders have eight legs, and fish have no legs. Spiders and fish are not insects.

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    spiders are in a different class than insects called arachnida

    so the phylum arthropods are broken down into insects, arachnids and crustaceans

    fish is not in the class insecta

    they are in a class called osteichthyes under phylum chordata, subphylum vertebrata

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    spider is not an insect it belongs in class arachnidae which they have eight legs and in this class are spiders, scorpions, solifugae etc.

    fish aren't insects

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    Stop being stupid! A spider is an arachnid and a fish is, well, a fish.

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