Portal Software??

I am using Joomla CMS for my site www.indiportal.org . I am searching for a gud news portal software which should look something like yahoo. Any body know such type of portals?

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    1 decade ago
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    try on


    I had used their script earlier, but their 'news feed' usually be older, sometimes 1 month older.......

    text from the site.........

    What we do?

    We monitor news on more than 8,000 web pages from 2500 domains. We edit and deliver more than 25,000 news headlines everyday.


    The headlines are organised under 119 subjects. And delivered to websites for publication and companies for business use.

    What you get?

    Headlines matching your brief in a format of your choice

    - HTML, text and mime for Email,

    - Javascript Animations, XML, PHP, C#, VB.NET etc for websites,

    - SQL statements for database servers

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