I need help! Any info on DUI with child endangerment charges!?

My husband was just taken to jail. He as speeding, so he was pulled over by the state police. He was also not wearing a seat belt. They are going to charge him with child abuse. What can i expect him to get for fines and what will he need to do. This is his frist offense of chils abuse, but his 2nd or 3rd DUI.Should I spend the money on a lawyer? He was told he has been issued a warrent for his arrest. So if I bail him out will they turn around and pick him up the same day? What would that cost me to get him out of jail then? the cops let him call me to pick up my child and my car.Pleas help any info will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    You will definitely need an attorney. The court will not allow him to defend himself in regards to this matter. To prove Child Endangerment, it has to be shown that the child was in actual danger. Speeding, and DUI are a contributing factor, but do not prove guilt.

    I'm unsure as to the warrant situation. If you bond him out, it should include the arrest, and warrant.

    Source(s): Me, retired Police Offier, DUI/Reckless Homicide Specialist
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    I personally don't know how much the fines would be. As to whether or not you should spend the money on a lawyer is really up to you. A lawyer though is probably your only chance of him avoiding or at least minimizing his jail time.

    Why on earth did you let him take your child in the car if he had been drinking? If this is his 3rd DUI, you really should consider the fact that your husband has a drinking problem. Get him into a treatment program. An attorney may also be able to make a deal with the Judge to reduce any jail time in exchange for completeing an alcohol treatment program and staying clean while on probation.

    Only you can decide if your husband is worth the money for a lawyer. I personally would let him sit there for putting my child in danger like that.

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    What State are you living in?? Laws are different in other States.

    I doubt of the charge is "Child Abuse"; more likely it is, "Child Endangerment".

    If I understand what you are writing, that he was charged with DUI and the child was with him, then I'm not sure what the warrant would be for. Both charges would (or should) have been filed at the same time.

    As to what to do. . . , well, I'd leave him there until he sees the judge for his arraignment. That's when all of the charges will be read and a date for a trial will be set. If he doesn't have a lawyer, and can not afford one, that's when the court will get him one. Also, the bond for a 2nd (or 3rd??) DUI, plus the other charge, could be quite high.

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    What you should do is get a divorce, and get your kids the hell away from this moron.

    Are you serious? Asking this question? Are you like a teen mother or something? 2nd or 3rd DUI????? And you LET him drive your kids around?

    Honey, guess who's next to get Child endangerment charges? That's right, YOU ARE!

    You are at HIGH risk of having your kid taken from you unless you leave this imbecile. Child comes FIRST, not drunken husband.

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    your husband has a serious problem. his dui history is going to be very costly. he will most likely go to jail on these charges. depending on what state you are in. you should get a good lawyer on this one. good luck to you and child. your husband needs help and maybe he will get it this time. good that he didn't kill anyone yet. i know that sounds harsh but people who have this problem often do kill others. i hope he gets help.

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    You're not pissed? DUI and speeding with your kid? WTF??

    Am I getting the story all backwards here? If not, seek help immediately for yourself if anything, and spend the money on family councelling. Leave him in jail for the meantime.

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    it's all up to the judge but most likely he will do jail time.

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