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Cowgirl/cowboy names?

I'm trying to think of some good cowgirl and cowboy names (1st and middle) that begin with "J" (it's a tradition). so far I like:

for boy- James Caylum

for girl- Jean Corrine

Jordan... can't think of a middle name!

Please help me think of some more.


How about Jordan Lucille?

Update 2:

Jordan Corrine

Jean Carolyn

James Caylum

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    I like Jean Corrin! Sounds cowgirlish. maybe Jayla something. no, something wouldn't be the middle name, i just can't think of one. REALLY LOVE the name jayla though

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    Jordan James I'd say!

    James Caylum is ok, but how about James Callem?

    Jean Corrine is great!

    Jessie Corrine also!

    And another name for a boy, could be:

    Jesse Jordan

    Good luck!

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    Jesse Cooper

    Justin Cole

    Jessie Cheyenne


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    Jenny Sue

    Jaime Lynn

    Jean Ann

    Jodee Michelle

    Jo Tammy


    Jackson Tucker

    Jason Caleb

    Jimmy Micheal

    Johnny Drew

    Source(s): Some super cute "Cowboy" names for a brother and sister are Dakota and Cherokee
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    Soooo....s/he is going to grow up to rope steers and bust broncs, huh? Jesse James. That's a cowboy name. For all the foresight involved here, you might as well.

    I'm with Stevie- how in God's name do you make Jordan out to be cowboy name?

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    Justine Rose

    JaLynn Sky

    Jordan Ray or for a girl Rae

    Jesse James

  • Janie Marie

    Jesse James ( of course!)

    Jezebel Louise

    Josiah Amil

    Jeremy Michael

    Joan Marie

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    well if you like jordan the middel name could be conner for a boy and if you wanted Jordan for a girl, then you could use Lynn!

    boy: Jay caylum (if you like that middle name?)

    girl: Jesse Lynn

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    For Jordan, her name could be jordan lana or jordan gage

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Jayden Layne or Jayden Michael for boy.

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