Who sings the song Amie by the Pure Prairie League? It doesn't sound like Vince Gill - his voice is higher.

My husband thought it was Vince Gill, but I think Amie came out before Vince Gill was with the band, because it doesn't sound at all like him - his voice is very high.

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    Vince Gill joined Pure Prairie League AFTER that song came out, and the greatest hits had a Gill re-record of Amie. As for Falling In and Out Of Love/Amie, Craig Fuller (lead) and George Ed Powell (harmony) do the singing from those pieces on the album Bustin' Out.

    Source(s): Wikipedia, and my radio DJ career
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    The guy's name is Craig Fuller. Song was recorded in 72, Vince Gill didn't come along until the early 80s. So, you won't hear him on the standard radio version. My understanding that Vince Gill later covered the song for a greatest hits album. Never heard that version though.

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    Pure Prairie League Greatest Hits

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