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What city/town/neighborhood in Oregon would be the best to live in if one chooses to only use a bike/walking?

as their form of transportation?

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    Eugene!!! i lived there for a few years with out ever having a car!! wherever you want to go you can either walk or take the bus (which is super cheep and easily accessed) the only thing that sucks about Eugene is that its soo hard to find a job there! it is on the top ten list for the most unemployment in the us! so if i were you i would get a job before you made a permanent move! good luck and if you choose eugene be prepared for the best time of your life!

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    I would pick the Southeast part of Portland. Portland is a great city and the whole city is bike-able. I've biked from Portland to the Pacific Ocean, biked through the wine country just outside of Portland, and of course all over the city. Urban trails, bike lanes, a city department just for bikes, it all adds up to really probably the best city for bikers in the country. Here's a few links. The first link is a link to Portland bike maps. Check them out, but be sure to look at the city commuter map. The other two are links to bike organizations here in Portland.

    And Ashland is a great little town, but it is little. Eugene is okay, but way too many police and hippies for me. Bend is a great town on the east side of the mountains and in central Oregon and is a fantastic place for bikes and also if you love skiing as it is right outside the city. Bend also has lava tubes and caves all around it as well as Smith Rock, a rock climbers delight. So, if I were going to go smaller than Portland, I would go with Bend before any other place.

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    You have too many choices in Oregon. Portland is an excellent city to own a bike. There are many neighborhoods that allow for only walking for groceries, etc, and riding to work. I would recomend the east-side of portland for this kind of living.

    If I had to choose one town for living this lisfestyle it would be Corvallis, with Ashland a close second. Both towns have a great central core, with great supporting neighborhood stores. They are beautiful, are progressive, open minded (both are college towns) and have great cycling paths. I lived in Corvallis for 4 years when I went to school there, and found it my favorate small town in Western Oregon.

    Also, Corvallis and Portland are gold-rated as bike friendly communities (see link below). So if you want a small-ish town, Corvallis. A City, Portland (East side).


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    No contest.

    Ashland for a city population under 50,000 and Eugene or a city population over 50,000.


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    both portland and eugene are REALLY friendly towards alternative modes of transportation.

    if you live in downtown never need to leave! you can take the bike, trolley, street car, bus, or MAX almost anywhere. the MAX will even go out to beaverton, the airport, and other surrounding well as the bus of course. portland has a fantastic transit system.

    also, portland has supermarkets and other necessities IN the city. you don't have to leave the downtown area to get things done.

    eugene is smaller and i don't have as much experience there...but it's easy to get around.

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    Roseburg, Oregon.

    First off they have wonderful bike trails.

    Secondly the town is small; I get around on a bike only.

    Thirdly- All the streets have bike paths.


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    Portland would be okay, But mostly Eugene. There is all ready a ton of people there who do the same, so there is good access (plus it is kind of a college town so many students do it)

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    Albany, the way there making it easy for everybody to get from one side of town to the other is really getting better.

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