How is America like Greece, and Mexico like Rome?

i can hear the tremble in your voice

i can see your eyes shy away from mine

i can tell in your stance, your heart betrays you

Tu miedo me interesa y anima

you are NOT your grandfather's generation


This generation and forward belongs to Us,

to We, that are TRULY godly people

and beware that He that comforts us, does not take His vengenance out on you that have forsaken Him

compare our culture with yours and youll know the hearts of men

America has become a godless smutfest of a country, We are here to cleanse it

And restore it to its former Glory as it was with the immigrating pilgrims THOSE were true Americans

Those values are now in Mexicans that immigrate to America for a better life, through there own choice theyre naturally selected for a GREAT DESTINY

And as the barbaric Romans overtook Greece the cradle of Ancient thought- so will it be with America the cradle of Modern thought

we shall be unto the Romans as you are to Greec

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    well the Amrican Native- they are cherokees, pomo , cheyene etc.

    The anglos, now called americans,most of them came from england somo of them was delincuents of the crown, some of the came from other countries.

    But the spanish people came here firts to do all kind of damn ****. then the other counties in Europe.

    But Roman = Americans don't be a fool.

    Greece is Greece.

    The romans, and jews kill in the name of god and they call them catohlics, but the are really one of many secret societys ly the mason, illuminatis, and nazi and more.

    Mexican it was a mistake to be call like that.

    The must be call Michacanos, or Purepechas, the was the only culture of mexico that was more powerfull and never conquest by any country.

    but when the spanish came to america, the join forces with the aztecs and other cultures to fight against the Purepechas from michoacan, but the french and italian join forces with purepechas to figth againt the tirania of those dumb people.

    but to many things happend and is to much to explain.

    but Roma = America just take a dollar bill and you will find the mix with roma and jews and catohlic jews.

    They kill Jesus. and they will Kill us all.

  • The Illegals cleanse America of their godlessness? Well that's a new one.

    Great, want to cleanse it, go ahead, but come here legally like millions of other immigrants have.

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    put a smile on your faace!

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    im just here to get my 2pts.

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    um, amen ... ?

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