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How can I find size 15 (US) shoes with an E (wide) width?

I'm looking for something in the Adidas Original catalog. Every shoe goes up to a size 14, and no E width. I've checked tons of big shoe websites, but nothing comes up with the type of shoe I want. Any suggestions?

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    Well, if they don't make it in your size then you can't get it. I have hard to find shoe size, too, and can't ever find exactly what I am looking for.

    But if they don't make it in that size, or they don't make enough in that size, what can you do?

    Zappos dot com is the biggest shoe site, they must have a million shoes. They may not have exactly what you are looking for right now, but you'll probably see other things you might like.

    Good luck. I know how it goes.

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    Hell particular. Ugh, I definitely ABHOR procuring footwear. I placed on a 9½ - 10 based on the shoe and form. i will on no account locate footwear that certainly extra healthful and are not hideous previous words. the undeniable fact that i'm additionally 6' tall does not help me any while it comprises outfits, yet i will spare myself a mini-stroke and merely leave that tale for yet over returned. i admire my top, I walk with delight, yet my techniques on "designers" has on no account been one in each of stable faith. *sigh*

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