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How to stop animals from eating your garden, safetly, environmentally, besides garden fence?

we just recently moved into a new house, i tilled the yard yesterday and planted all my potted herbs, tomatoes, potaoes, peppers, i want to protect them from eating bunny's but i do not have room for a garden fence, and i hate nasty stuff, anthing easy and helpful, also, I planted each at least 4-5 inches apart, thats enough room, right? any help, thanks!

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    Herbivores are repelled by any dead animal smells. I fertilize my veggie garden with fish emulsion, blood meal, and bone meal, which are all great organic fertilizers, and I never have any trouble with four-legged nibblers. My neighbors that use chemicals lost half their gardens to deer and rabbits.

    If that doesn't work, you can also use dirty clothes like socks that have human scent on them. Or there's a commercial repellent that is a mix of blood, egg yolks, and cayenne pepper. Or predator urine, you can get that at a garden store usually. But- eww! These stink!!!

    If you are going to have big healthy tomatoes, potatoes, and peppers, they each need about 12" to 18" square of their own space. Zucchini needs about four square feet. Square Foot Gardening is a really good book for information on setting up a little backyard garden, and has lots of great tips for specific plants.

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    There is an organic fertilizer call fish emulsion, sold as a concentrate is garden centers, it makes an excellent foliar feed for your veggies and really doesn't smell much to the human nose. The little vegetarians don't want to eat it though. And it washes off easily. I know it works with rabbits and sometimes with deer, however it may attrack raccoons, so take that into account.

    Now about your spacing, you might put your spuds, 5" apart, (more would be better) but your peppers and tomatoes need at least 18"s.

    Good info here with related links

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    I know how terrible it is to put soooo much work and effort into your garden every year and then have squirrels and other critters come along and dig it all up or eat everything. I haven't' found a fool proof way to deter them from do this yet! However a friend of mine suggested I go to the following site and perhaps build one of these contraptions for myself and see what happens. Good luck with your garden my friend! =}

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    People in our part of the country swear by human hair clippings to repel deer - barbers and hairdressers are a good source between your own haircuts! Also, marigolds and garlic planted nearby your tasty goodies will at least discourage, since the scent of either/both is a natural repellent. Due to our high population of deer and everything else, we don't even bother putting in veggies...and the only thing our resident deer herd won't eat is of all things daffodils. Good luck!

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    A glassed in nursery. ~

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