Mike Gravels National Initiative are you for it or against it??

I think this is the best idea that has come to the publics attention. The consitution has been amended so many times people have lost track of what our government is really doing! Some say the people are not intelligent enough to make these kinds of decisions. But obviously neither is our elected officals. So please tell me if you are for or against this Initiaitive and if you are want can we do to spread the word? Two thirds of the public vote becomes law of the land so we need about 50 million people to vote on this!!!


I have place this question on the site givin below, please go vote!!

Update 2:

I went to verify the statement about amendments and the last amendment was in The Twenty-seventh Amendment (1992), first proposed in 1789, establishes procedures for Congressional pay increases. Not womens rights The Nineteenth (1920) grants woman suffrage.

source http://education.yahoo.com/reference/encyclopedia/...

Update 3:

It is two thirds of registered votes not all people. You can't count illeagal immigrants...

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    I am for it. I LOVE Mike Gravel because of the truth he spoke at the Democratic "discussion", because it was no debate. The truth is out there if you can grab it when you see it. Most of the time the truth does not even get on the air. That's why the internet is the next thing to get hijacked by right wing control. Enjoy it while you can.

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    The constitution has not been amended very often, because either huge majority needed in Congress, which we have not had in several generations, or it has to get approved by a bunch of different states ... the last time one made the rounds it was women equality, and as it hit each state, the state got swarmed with hundreds of special interest groups. The nation was approaching enough states to get it passed, when states that had earlier approved it, and were no longer being swarmed, asked if they could take back their vote.

    You'll need more than 50 million to vote. According to the Immigration Bill, 150 million people have right to work in USA, and will need to get their right to work documentation, in which 4-5% of the government data bases are messed up, which means for every 2 alleged illegals denied a job, 1 legitimate citizen will also be kicked out of the country. That still leaves 140 million workers & the retireees.

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    You might like to put this question to a vote on myverdict.net, explaining exactly what this initiative is.

    myverdict.net is free, anonymous and does not try to sell you anything.

    It seeks to enhance democracy by making legislators aware of the majority opinion of their constituents. Covering over 25,000 administrative divisions, in all 244 inhabited countries and issues from local to international level.

    Worth a look.

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