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專業的英文翻譯 20點


Mrs Campbell was 76 years old and suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

She lived with her 78-year-old husband in their own bungalow.At the time of the referral they were experiencing a wide variety of functional, social and financial problems.

Mr Campbell was very concerned about his wife’s deterioration. He had to deal with all the daily problems alone, including personal and domestic activities, and dealing with his own feelings of bereavement, guilt and frustration.He was socially isolated as he was unable to leave his wife for more than 30 minutes and could manage only short trips to the local shops. He had no one with whom to discuss his situation and did not know what help,if any,was available. Mrs Campbell had recently developed nocturnal incontinence and, in addition, the skin on her thighs had become inflamed.

The general practitioner referred Mrs Campbell to the local community mental health team for the elderly.She was allocated a care manager who collated all the assessments and recommendations. The majority of the work fell to the occupational therapist.An initial assessment was carried out in the couple’s own home. Mr Campbell identified the problems and the occupational therapist helped him to place them in priority order.

A day assessment was arranged at the local specialised unit for older confused people. During the day Mrs Campbell was examined by a doctor and she spent time in a variety of sessions in the unit’s day care facility to observe her interactional and conversational skills (this was undertaken by the occupational therapist). With the assistance of Mr Campbell, the therapist administered the Clifton Assessment Procedure for the Elderly in order to establish both a behavioural and cognitive baseline.

The agreed aims of treatment for Mrs Campbell were:

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    坎貝爾太太 76 歲而且罹患阿滋海默症疾病。

    她隨身在他們自己的平房中居住了 78 歲的丈夫。在知道的時候,他們正在經歷各式各樣的功能、社會而且財務的問題。

    坎貝爾先生非常關心他太太的惡化。他必須獨自地處理所有的每日問題,包括個人而國內的活動,而且處理喪失、罪行和挫折的他自己感覺。當他不能夠離開他的太太超過 30 分鐘而且可以處理到當地的商店唯一的短旅行的時候,他在社會上被隔離。 他沒有了一與誰討論他的情形而且沒有知道什麼幫忙,如果任何的,是可得的。


    全科醫師提示坎貝爾太太去找老年人的當地的社區心理健康小組。她被分派到一位經理的評估和忠告。 多數的工作落到職業的治療師。一個最初的評估在夫婦的中被實行自己的在家。


    一天評估在被特殊化比較年長的困惑人的單位的地方被安排。 在白天,坎貝爾太太被一位醫生調查了,而且她在單位的多種會議中度過了時間是日子照料設備觀察她的相互作用而會話技術. (這被職業治療師開始了)





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