Whats Wrong With TNA?

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Why Isn't Is Succeeding? I Think Its Cause The Dreadful Skits, The Hype Of The Joe vs Angle 12 Match, Top Names Being People That Were In Other Companies And Pushing The Guys That ...show more
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Maybe because it takes longer than 5 years to succed ask vince it took him 15 years to establish wwf. Also this year they are making a profit so far. So i think they are succeding just give them time.And I don't think the question should be whats wrong with tna? it should be whats wrong with wwe? i mean they have mocked death and in the process have belittled wrestling. Also the dude who answered first hoe are joe,umaga and rikishi the same? just because there all samoa means nothing and also sting has had that gimmick his whole career. TNA>WWE

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  • Sub Zero is GOD! - Hornswoggle answered 7 years ago
    Lets go through it
    - AJ Styles isnt maineventing, your best wrestler and athlete isnt champion
    - They get WWE 'rejects', never produce their own
    - 1 hour show
    - Only in one state
    - The fact no-one really knows about it, it lacks exposure
    I like it but the reasons above are what i think is wrong with TNA. AJ Styles should be champ
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  • Virtual_Vanguard answered 7 years ago
    TNA is trying a different business model. Unlike WWE, they do not go to a different city almost every day. They do mostly 1 show a week with a monthly PPV. A lot harder to earn a lot of money that way. No IPO of stock either, so they do not have the money to spend that WWE has. As for getting people from WWE. Those wrestlers were popular before and have a fan base. People like or dislike them and want to see them win or get beat up, so they hire them.
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  • IHATEMIKETENAY answered 7 years ago
    I think it is directly to do with their production values. They have better wrestlers, better promoting and it goes on and on, but the only thing that WWE beats TNA in is the production. TNA's Impact Zone looks plain ****, the double entrance ramp is a good idea, but its been set up really, really badly. WWE's setup, on the other hand, always looks fantastic so they're able to draw in the casual soon-to-be mark. Casual watchers are less likely to start watching TNA because the set looks like **** so they just flick channels, not even giving it a chance. WWE's much larger budget is what is keeping it well ahead of TNA.
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  • ivan G answered 7 years ago
    Because they're not being original. They keep the same storyline and don't change it. The manager is gay. AJ Styles is gay. Lack of originality and experience. Lack of wrestlers too.
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  • Curious Girl is back. answered 7 years ago
    I agree with Triple H, they are trying too hard to be like WWE, they are just trying to be another WWE and get the same amount of success. Well i think not! It's only been around 5 years, if they want to be successful try something new and unique. Not use all of WWE's old and washed up/fired superstars. Otherwise theres no reason to have another brand be just like WWE.
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  • bar answered 7 years ago
    WOW you people are really gullible......especially this first person who answered. first off tna doesn't steal wwe story lines, i don't see tna with a who killed the boss storyline, or a storyline making people shove their faces in the bosses ***. not even a couple of 90 year old women (even though they are legends) come out in their underwear for no apparent reason......hmmmm not even fat wanna be strippers oiled up dancing with midgets. nope, instead what you get is more actual wrestling in a one hour program than in any of the wwe two hour programs. if you look back just a few months ago, didn't a certain tna tag team (vkm) call out not only vince but also triple h and shawn michaels on national television? how did they respond, they didn't. you don't see vince calling out tna. why? because tna would answer. in fact when that was going on there was a raw in which tna chants could clearly be heard and in fact a smackdown episode was edited so you couldn't hear the tna chants.
    as far as character links:
    somoa joe (the somoan submission machine) was around before umaga (the somoan bulldozer)
    abyss has been the same since before he was in tna
    randy orton and jeff hardy are complete;y different so how can you compare to aj styles
    triple h and chris harris.......seriously?
    rvd (who left wwe and will be in tna by the end of summer) and rhino....two completely different styles.
    undertaker and sting? come on
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  • Wrestle Man answered 7 years ago
    I don`t think that there is anything wrong with tna. Not enough exposure maybe but thats it.
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  • Sevenpenny answered 7 years ago
    they really have no idea what they are doing. They have brought in how many former WWE wrestlers and tried to build the company and what has that gotten them? Not very far.
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  • julie c~actress and WWE&TNA_FAN! answered 7 years ago
    It is because they don't have experience in this company. The WWE has been around for a long time and they have that spice that gives it its piazzas.
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  • Triple H (On Vacation!) answered 7 years ago
    Because they're tying to copy WWE's ideas... What I'm talking about is the gimmicks, wrestling styles, and even storylines...

    WWE Superstars (left side) - TNA version of WWE Superstars (right side)

    Kane - Abyss
    Randy Orton (when he was in Evolution) or Jeff Hardy - AJ Styles
    Triple H (when he was a face in 2002) - Chris Harris
    Chavo Guerrero or Gregory Helms - Chris Sabin
    Edge or Triple H (when he was in Evolution) - Christian Cage
    Ashley - Christy Hemme
    Eugene - Eric Young
    Paul Bearer - James Mitchell
    Booker T or Shelton Benjamin - Jay Lethal
    Ric Flair - Jeff Jarrett
    Rob Van Dam - Rhino
    Umaga or Rikishi - Samoa Joe
    The Undertaker - Sting
    Batista (when he was in Evolution) - Tomko

    And people don't want to see the same gimmicks and storylines (I mean TNA is copying the Evolution storyline in WWE, but with different wrestlers, Christian Cage, AJ Styles, and Tomko)... So they watch the better show which also has more experience in the business, WWE!
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  • Keyring answered 7 years ago
    Posted by KidChrist 2: "wwe writers are that good everyone either loves/hates cena,batista, got this section buzzing about the mcmahon death storyline".

    Wow. That has got to be one of the most retarded things I've read on the Internet in a while. Anyway, TNA uses people like Kurt Angle, who WWE marks see as a broken-down, washed-up man and Christian Cage, who is seen as a midcarder (not that he isn't the man) as well as Sting, some dude from WCW who thinks he's the Crow, in the mainevent of one of their recent PPVs. This is exactly what's wrong with TNA. They need to be pushing good, young, homegrown and ROH-grown talent. Oh, and they need to promote wrestling, not the baseball-player and Christy Hemme crap I've had to endure that last few times I ordered TNA PPVs, which has sadly got me uninterested in their pay-per-view product as a whole.
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  • Vince F answered 7 years ago
    TNA is jus a cheap knock off....barley any one watches TNA because is basicly a copy of WWE. TNA never as a large crowd dont even think they go on tours. Notice all of the failure WWE stars go to TNA......even ECW s better then TNA. TNA is nothing.....and boring with cheap stunts.
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  • kidkhrist2 answered 7 years ago
    everything is over exaggerated, 80% of their roster came from wwe/wcw/ecw/roh,stupid plots...4 titles, not that much exposure.(wwe writers are that good everyone either loves/hates cena,batista, got this section buzzing about the mcmahon death storyline)
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  • graves724 answered 7 years ago
    here's the problem with tna, all their so called talent are former wwe superstars that quit like ***** angle did cause he was getten to where the major titles. so now tna thinks that with stars like that they can realy be a threat to the wwe and they can't even come close.
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  • Pavel Henry answered 7 years ago
    i think because they don't have very interesting things happening like vince mcmahon's death which is wrong and they just fight in death matches with tables and they don't have many divisions like wwe:raw,smackdown and ecw.they have fewer wrestlers than wwe and very few titles in comparrison with wwe.they need more time to compete wwe because they are since 5 years and wwe is since lots of years.they need more titles,divisions,wrestlers and main events. and have a nice day!
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  • theyungone1960 answered 7 years ago
    stop watching wrestling...read a book or something
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