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SA Olympic team for Beijing 2008?

My feeling is we should only send delegates to fly the flag but no athletes as we do not meet the sports ministers requirement of at least fifty percent colour quota in every decipline ie. swimming team, most field events, gymnastics etc the government can't have it's cake and eat.


Update 2:

I agree with the grass roots developement it has to start in schools and then the identified talent nurtured.

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    SA Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) president Moss Mashishi today announced the 4500-strong South African contingent to travel to Beijing for the 2008 Olympics, making good on earlier 'promises' that it would be a perfectly-balanced squad reflecting the demographics of modern South Africa, and rejecting media claims that he'd gone completely barking mad.

    Mashishi himself is down to compete in the high jump, the synchronised swimming and the baseball, where he'll be joined by the Stofile brothers, Bhutana Khompela and Derek Watts, who is down to skipper the women's netball team, as part of a vibrant Team South Africa.

    The entire Southern Spears squad (including Tony McKeever), the Parliamentary Sport Portfolio Commission, and the Fourth Bloemfontein Scout troop will also make the trip to Beijing.

    Provision has also been made for the inclusion of ten Scientologists, half a dozen vegans, Jorrie Muller, the Welkom Dutch Reformed Church Choir, people who own a Ford Ka, and at least one redhead, as South Africa prepares for a very cosmopolitan assault on the Olympics.

    There are some hurdles still to be overcome by Team South Africa, however. The newly-written national anthem, which includes verses in all 13 official languages, and which now runs to nearly eight minutes, is unlikely to be played in full should any South African ascend the podium, while the inclusion of three women in the men's hockey side to foster the end of gender discrimination, is likely to be frowned upon by the IOC; Sascoc are confident of getting past this, however, and plan to use as defence the example of the Vodacom Stormers, who've been picking players of both sexes for several years now.

    Also challenging accepted Olympic convention will be the selection of 13 runners or swimmers for every relay team, to ensure each language is represented, a move that has seen Ryk Neethling and Roland Schoeman develop more than passable Sesedi and Tswana in just over three months. There will also be the issue of travel fatigue, as the team will travel to Beijing by biofuel-powered buses in order to avoid carbon emissions, a trip that should take them just two months.

    The team will also be wearing outfits made from recycled Hessian sacking, which were revealed at Mashishi's announcement, following the official South African Olympic policy of all Games outfits being modelled on the waiters' outfits at the Royal Swazi Sun. The Beijing wardrobe also includes sandals made from lentils and soya curd, offering both environmentally friendly footwear, and an emergency snack when necessary.

    The new look South African squad will also feature 100 members chosen by public lottery, and Mashishi is adamant that further change is very much on the cards. "We'd like to take this even further in London in 2012," Mashishi explained. "Our aim for the next Games is to have the team led by a black lesbian disabled single mother, preferably unemployed and homeless. We're hopeful of finding the perfect person."

    Mashishi ended the press conference by confirming the final member of the South African squad, who will captain the 4500-strong contingent in Beijing. "We were looking for someone who is both black and white, and quite possibly coloured and Indian as well, and only one person fits that bill," Mashishi explained. "The captain of Team South Africa for 2008 will be Luke Watson."

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    It has finally happened you guys have broken Zim $.

    He! he! he!


    Yes Beijing will not be representative in swimming and gymnastics, but in the next Olympics it will be especially swimming, Swimming SA in do an amazing job in developing black young stars unlike rugby were the boot everything that is not white and Afrikaans to touch.

    But in field sports it will be representative.

    I feel if a team is like that SA hokey mens side is not Representative they must not go.

    If it means we will have 3 guys in Beijing then so be it.

    The problem is that some sporting disciplines do not go out and develop players the just keep looking in the same place for players.

    We can't send a 100% white team to Beijing we are an African country we are not only representing ourselves we represent the whole continent and white people don't care about the continent.

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    I support the notion of representative teams. But I believe that the politicians miss some points in the whole process. How do we force 50/50 quotas if they don't enforce development in the first place? Some of these things are better developed at school level. Why can't they establish schools of excellence in every municipal district and develop kids from there? The problem is that you have some moron leading our sporting bodies who are doing nothing but talking big politics instead of doing the real work.

    I would hate to see talented white children being sidelined to include token black kids. What does a white parent tell his/her child? Don't worry, Brad, you are better than Zim$'s boy but he must go because the country need more blacks to the games! What do I tell my child? You see son, since 1652 when whites came here our forefathers were oppressed. None of the three ships had land as its cargo when they landed in the Cape. But all land immediately belonged them. They enslaved us. We fought their battles. Have you heard about these fights between Afrikaners and English ......wara wara .....wara...... After thirty minutes; now in 1994 we found liberation. The government now wants to correct the wrongs. I was never allowed to go to the olympics (this I say knowing deep inside of me that I could hardly run 100metres). So, son, Brad might be better than you, but we have the political power and will to level the playing fields. That is why you must go and that white boy must stay behind.

    My son being just a child and honest; "But daddy he always beat me and he's a good swimmer. I don't like swimming; I'd rather do something like chess......” I interject; "You remember that old man we met at the garage that Sunday. The one who drives a red E-Class. He told me last week that he'll fight for you to go to Beijing. That was what the struggle was about. Our children must be given a chance (I conveniently forget that "our children" should include white children).

    How do I expect my son to remain good friends with Brad! Children being children, my son will go and tell the truth and Brad will "confront" his parents to tell all. What is being created is resentment. Brad will develop hatred towards the system and my son. It's a vicious circle.

    I will not support a token team

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    The IOC published an open letter saying that the selection of athletes must be based on merit. That was the reason why apartheid South Africa was expelled last time. Any attempt to legislate another racial quota system will mean that SA will be expelled from the Olympics.

    The ANC will huff and puff but if they try and put their threats into legislation South Africa will be expelled again.

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    The parents of budding sportsmen and women should check their ancestors to see if they qualify to play for another Country e.g. Zola Budd. Otherwise ther are wasting their time dreaming of representing South Africa now that racist and political interference in Sport seems to be acceptable in the 21st Century.

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    I have done a quick search on the Internet but I'm afraid I haven't found anything in relation to your question.

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    Excellent Zim!!!!

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    LMFAO any1 ever seen a black swim? ha ha ha

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