HELP need gardening tips!!!?

i would like to start a garden and i dont really know a whole lot about it can anybody give me some beginner tips so that i could be on my way...


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    Your first step in gardening is getting your soil ready. After you choose the area you want to garden in (full sun location is best) then you will want to till the soil and add amendments like peat, sand (if you have clay in your soil), manure, compost and dried grass clippings and/or fallen leaves in Autumn. Till again after you have added all the amendments. After you have your soil prepared the just pick out plants or veggies suited to that area. If you are planing a bed in the shade or partial shade then you can pick plants that do well in low light which you can find at any garden center. Your soil will be your first and most important step in starting a garden. After that it is all about choosing the plants you want to put in the soil. I know sometimes it can be a little overwhelming, but don't give up because the only way to become a true gardener is through trial and error. So, get those hands dirty and see what you can come up with. There will always be someone here who can help you if you need it.

    Good Luck

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    Way too much to answer here. Remember you won't have a garden unless your soil is suitable for a garden. Would be better to spend a season preparing the soil and planting next season.

    Soil prep varies with whatever your existing soil needs. One common factor in most, not all, but most is organic matter. Compost (decomposed plant material), well rotted manure, peat moss, etc all make good additions. If your soil is acidic you may need to add lime. How do you know if it's acidic, you get it tested. Your Cooperative Extension agent will explain how to have your state university run the test at their lab and then the lab will send the results to you. If you have questions, you can then contact the agent for additional advice.

    Your soil also needs to be deep and well drained. No hard or rock layers below, no water down there either.

    Then deciding what to grow is another conversation with the county agent or Master Gardener, a well trained volunteer who works with the county agent in answering gardening questions.

    Decide what you think you might like to grow. Some may be impossible in your soil; blueberries won't grow in alkaline soils. Tomatoes and winter squash need long growing seasons. All things you can discuss with the Master Gardener who will love helping you get started. That's their job.

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    This is a huge question! My favorite on-line resource is this site:

    There are files about soil preparation, information about different plants and forums where you can ask other gardeners questions about your specific site and the kinds of plants you'd like to have. There are forums that cover beginning gardening, landscape design, and vegetable gardening. There is even an area where gardeners rate on-line businesses for the quality of their plants and services called "Garden Watchdog".

    Hope this helps

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    My advice to you is to start very small. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Begin with some simple plants that are easy to grow. Try to talk with others who garden in your area for tips that they may offer to you. research on line or go to your local library. There are hundreds of good magazines out there with plenty of good advice. Tomatos are my favorite veggie to grow.

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    coll start by putting a few bags of minure(chook poo) through your dirt (depending on garden size) this just helps give the garden bed some nutrients then start planting a few days later what ever you like just remeber to feen them every few weeks depending on your plants and water every few days depending again on the rain you get.

    i did this easy way 6 months ago and i didnt buy any plants i used cutting from others gardens and now my darden looks gr8 good luck and email me if you need more help

    cheers katie

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    There are lots of gardening tips and ideas here:

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