Mother told a story from a book of short stories. IT was called "One Alaskan Night" anyone know which book?

It had been typed out from a book of short stories and was the true story of a female journalist on vacation in Alaska visiting friends or relatives. The Lady wandered off alone and got lost had a bear encouter and took refuge in an abandoned cabin. The Lady spent a frightening night in the cabin which she believed belonged to a crazy trapper who might have kidnapped children and injured them. She heard noises all night and scared herself into believing that these children were trying to get into the cabin but when she would look no one was there. In the morning she was found and learned that the noises were only flying squirrels landing on the roof. Does anyone remember reading or hearing this story and if you do would you happen to know where it comes from? I believe it was titled "One Alaskan Night" and if I can remember it was written in first person.

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  • Try searching "Short Story Index" available at many larger libraries. Or post at one of these websites:

    Good luck!

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    Rudolph knew the historic previous of what grew to become into in that e book. He grew to become into mansions Butler. He knew that it grew to become into written via a sinister individual and so depraved! by way of fact the female McCreedy died everyone that examine that evil e book she wrote no one has lived to inform approximately it ever. somebody could think of it grew to become into cursed or some thing. Who is familiar with? The e book grew to become into sent off to a pair library down interior the hollow. One dimsel evening woman Roth checked the e book out of the library. Her chum observed what it grew to become into and he warned her concerning the e book. She shrugged him off asserting, Aihee this is nonsense I inform you. She took it homestead and her chum knew it grew to become into to previous by way of cajole her of this is evil. Her chum Lord Chester asked concerning the e book around the city. people shrugged him off and walked any different way. His question could continually be the corresponding to them, "all and sundry have been given any solid concepts what's interior the e book? Lord Chester concept to himself, what could have occurred to whoever examine it? quickly after thinking this he rushed off to woman Wroth's homestead. He went as much as the door and knocked and knocked. He tried the door knob, turning it and slowly opened the door. He crept slowly down the hallway. whilst he made a real into the Parlor there she lay, woman Wroth , on the floor with the e book in hand and not even a breath popping out of her. So the story is authentic he concept to himself. Her eyes have been nevertheless open so he civilly close them. She regarded as though she died of outrage. concern so horrid! So the e book now's nevertheless a secret. do you prefer to ascertain thhhhe, "e book"?

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