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how Does TeaTimer work (Spybot)?

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    Spybot Search and Destroy has 2 Resident (active) tools. I find both useless.

    1) SDHelper (a Browser Helper Object (BHO)) integrates into Internet Explorer to block your browser from downloading "bad"programs from known malware sites.

    SDHelper only works for Internet Explorer only. As I mostly use Firefox, SDHelper is useless to me.

    2) TeaTimer [Protection of overall system settings]

    When the TeaTimer box pops up to indicate a potential problem the text for the two options is not displayed (a two year old bug) this renders the tea timer totally useless as you do not have a clue what action you are taking. In addition it is a resource hog. The TeaTimer also makes the removal of some viruses/spyware more difficult.


    SpyBot - Search & Destroy

    PLEASE leave all settings at default!!!! Install, do the search for updates now and get any updates, then fix the below problem with Spybot default products. If you get an error message about "bad checksum" when trying to update, just choose a different server location. Also look for the Immunize feature in Spybot and use it. Do not use the Teatimer function. It can be a resource hog and also makes removal of certain problems more difficult. Make sure you leave the SDhelper ( IE bad download blocker) checked to install (this is the default).

    Fixing SpyBot's Ignore Products Bug: Please run SpyBot and get into the Advanced mode by selecting Mode and then Advanced mode. Then select Settings and the in the left column select Ignore Products. In the right window pane make sure the All products tab is selected. Then in that window, right click your mouse and choose "Deselect all". Now exit Spybot. We will run a scan later.


    Tea Timer

    The Resident TeaTimer is a tool of Spybot-S&D which perpetually monitors the processes called/initiated. It immediately detects known malicious processes wanting to start and terminates them giving you some options, how to deal with this process in the future: You can set TeaTimer to:

    * be informed, when the process tries to start again

    * automatically kill the process

    * or generally allow the process to run

    There is also an option to delete the file associated with this process.

    In addition, TeaTimer detects, when something wants to change some critical registry keys. TeaTimer can protect you against such changes again giving you an option: You can either "Allow" or "Deny" the change.

    As TeaTimer is always running in the background, it takes some resources of about 5 MB.

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    Come on body........You don't have to know how it works...but you have to know IF it works...and believe works..!!!

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