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How do I become a Quarterback?

I've never played quarterback. I have always played wide receiver, but this year I want to play quarterback.

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    A lot of people just can't "become" quarterbacks. It's like having great speed, hands, or athletic ability, you just can't teach, practice and perfect every aspect of playing quarterback, some of it is naturally gifted. But if your dead set on playing quarterback, and if your sure you can throw a football at least decently, heres a few tips:

    1. Learn to be a leader: that is one of the most important aspect of playing QB. your no longer the guy hearing the plays and being lead, your the leader of the team and offense. Always keep your team mates spirits high and never quit on your team.

    2. Studying: Playing Quarterback is 90% mentally and 10% physically. You will not be asked to run or be as physically active as the rest of the guys or like when you were playing receiver, but that time will be spent watching film, learning the offensive scheme, learning to disect defenses etc.. Since you were a receiver you probably already have experience reading defenses and differentiating from man coverage, zone coverage etc.. which will benefit you greatly. Remember that your not trying outrun a CB or be as strong as a LB to take them head on, you job now is to learn everything you can about the opposing defense, and find ways for your offense to beat them.

    3. Learn and perfect Quarterback mechanics: This is possibly the second most important aspect of a quarterback behind studying. People often say they have a strong arm, yet it never shows on the field or at the very least, makes it to the receiver accurately. Other times people have a strong, accurate arm, yet can't even drop back 5 steps to throw the ball.Proper mechanics gives you that ability to drop back effectively, read a defense quickly and gives you that velocity, accuracy, and ability to lead a receiver to a certain spot on the field for a completion. I won't go into every mechanic you need to perfect, but your coaching staff should be able to inform you and coach you on proper mechanics.

    4. Utilizes your abilities: If you have a strong arm, amazing accuracy, mobility, or any other extra aspect that gives you an advantage, try to convince your coach to maximize the potential and skills you have so that you have more success playing Quarterback.

    Practice and study as much as you can when playing quarterback. Don't be afraid to ask questions to your coach about anything whether it's the offense or defense, because if the quarterback doesn't know whats going on, everyone suffers.

    Source(s): High School Quarterback and Middle School QB's coach.
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    I'd read a couple books by quarterbacks, such as Bart Starr, etc. and get a feeling for the psychology of one. Then a few technique books will get your feet wet. Then start practicing, and practice all the skills over and over again. You'll need a friend or someone to help you. Practice-practice-practice.

    When you feel confident and ALL the many skills are perfected, then ask for a tryout with your coach.

    But remember that a quarterback is also a leader and captain of the offense. If you have leadership skills and charisma, you may have an edge. I was a catcher for many years in our softball team when I was in my 30's. This is how I did it and did become a good pitcher, with a average batting average of

    over 400 over the many years I pitched. The point here is that you will most likely get only one chance to show you've got it and if you don't, the door may be closed shut for you- at least with that team.

    Good Luck.

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    Well I have always been quarterback for my school since the seventh grade and i am about to be a junior in high school. But what I did to get there is I practiced a lot during the summer. And me and my friends played football almost everyday. Remember to be a quarterback u have to have a good stance, know how to center exchange, have good ball handling skills, be good at fakes, have good footwork , memorize plays, and most importantly have great leadership.

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    You can't just become a QB.

    You've got to have the arm and the smarts. How are you in the classroom? If you do good, means you're in good shape there. Knowledge is a BIG part of being a QB.

    In high school, and even in college.. speed can be important.

    No one here can answer your question as well as you'd like. Only a coach that's seen you play could.

    Ask your high school/junior high school coach what you could do to improve your game as a QB.

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    If you're that short you can forget about throwing the ball in the middle of the field. Work on rolling out and throwing either a 5 yard out or a corner route. You could also try to develop some serious speed and agility where you could run a triple option offense. Drills would include sprints and practicing routes with other guys that you think will want to be receivers. Lifting weights wouldn't hurt because you need to bulk up to protect yourself. Ex. I broke my ribs with rib protectors on. I was too skinny.

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    Simple. Get some arm strength on the arm you usually use the most. (Right or Left Handed) WRs don't really have arm strength compared to QBs...

    Have good Awareness on where your oponent is.. because you will only face 1 side of the field(whichever direction chest points)

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    practice hard, playing quarterback also takes a lot of studying since you would be the Driving force for the offense.

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    Good arm, Leadership, know your plays. Everyone depends on you. Youll have a lot of pressuure if you a QB...

    but you need to be smarter and a lil physical

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    dude...stay at WR, if you were good at QB, you'd be playing there. Stick with what you know

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    learn how to throw a football

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