How do you log into a Verizon Fios Router and disable the WEP encryption?

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I have an Actiontec MI424WR Wireless Router and I know what to do to get Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection to work on this router. The trouble is, I don't know where to log in, what Name more
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all the other answers are great for configuring once you get in but this is what you need to get in....

Use your browser and go to :

User name: Admin
Password: Password or Password1

like what the others said I'd use for port forawarding they have screen shots too..

anywho hope this helps...
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  • k p answered 7 years ago
    My Actiontec MI424WR WAS allowing me to connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi until just recently... I suspect Verizon upgraded the firmware on the router recently because the interface for the router looks completely different than it did when my Nintendo Wi-Fi WAS working.... Something Verizon did, it seems! I have contacted them and hope to have this resolved soon!
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  • Lemuel G answered 7 years ago
    here is a website that can give you a step-by-step instruction on how to configure the router:

    The model number is different, but it is still wireless so the configuration will still be the same.
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  • EVOX answered 7 years ago
    disabling the WEP will not only allow you to get your Wii connected but also allow anyone near you to use your expensive internet service as well... this is silly... I'm sure the Wii can connect to a WEP protected network... don't disable WEP
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