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Do ipod games work on ipod nano's?

Do ipod games work on ipod nano's.? like the games you buy on itunes?

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    Absolutely not, they were made for the iPods with video capacity.

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    The iTouch has games already on it, the games on your nano can't be removed because they came with the ipod and you didnt buy them. But, the iTouch will probably have similar games to your nano. I have a nano and a video iPod and they have very similar games for example, the game Block on the nano is similar to the game Vortex on the Video. But I also have the old nano not the knew one the my answer may not be helpful if you have the new nano

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    No. They are ONLY for the iPod Video

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    nope! they only work on ipod videos.

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    no but im not sure maybe

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