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Which is the best editor for ASP?

Hi friends,

I am currently developing a program in Microsoft Active Server Pages. I need a best editor for editing:

Microsoft Active Server Pages (Classic ASP)

Microsoft Active Server Pages .net (

For ex: Everyone knows about Visual Basic programming and the best editor is Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 (Part of Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0). The same way I need an editor for ASP and exclusively.


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    I suggest you to get Microsoft Visual Web Developer Express edition from Microsoft Website.

    An ideal environment for new Web developers

    Enjoy a streamlined development environment that is focused on the needs of hobbyists, enthusiasts, and students.

    Use a developer tool that grows with you—by simply upgrading within the Visual Studio product line as your development needs grow.

    Visually design your Web applications

    Provides everything you need to begin building Web applications out of the box.

    Create great looking and easy-to-use Web applications using an intuitive, WYSIWYG, drag-and-drop user interface designer.

    Take advantage of more than 60 new reusable controls and hundreds of reusable code snippets to reduce the time needed to create engaging, interactive Web applications.

    Use Master Pages to manage a consistent site layout in one place.

    Let IntelliSense give you fast access to methods and libraries for use within your applications.

    Common Tasks and Smart Tags place commonly accessed Web building functionality one click away.

    Visually design your databases

    Build your first dynamic, data-driven Web site.

    Design your databases and queries visually using a drag-and-drop data designer.

    Use time-saving Wizards to easily connect to your data.

    Connect user interfaces to data using “drag and drop” instead of having to write code.

    Create data-enabled applications using SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.

    Display your data with sophisticated reports with tables, charts, and graphics.

    Easily share your Web applications with your friends

    Find great hosting offers for applications you build using Visual Web Developer Express.

    Use built-in copy-Web functionality to get your Web site live in minutes over FTP.

    Download page:

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    You asked for a asp specific editor. Microsoft interdev in one you could try. Its a part of Microsoft visual studio suite. Another is the Microsoft web-publish which is a part of Microsoft office suite.

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    Well, if you wouldn't mind paying a small amount for a large return, then I think you would be very glad to have WeBuilder 2007

    which is good for not only asp

    but also all the other website-building languages - html, css, js, php, etc. - excellent support, entirely customizable, internal page previews, etc.

    Worth at least investigating...

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    you can use Microsoft IDE which is specially ment for ASP and ASP.NET.

    All the best

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