guys, candle light dinner at home or romantic dinner at the beach?

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    Good question.

    The two classic ways for interested potential partners to share quality time away from others, interruptions, etc.

    Both are good; however, I'd like to suggest a few ground rules.

    1. Order the food from an outside source--who needs to worry about cooking for "an occasion".

    2. Alternative--each make something special as an addition.

    3. If it's the beach, take along a bottle of whatever you're drinking, cups, and plan to spend some time walking because it's the view of water that makes the setting, along with the light; and that takes time to appreciate.

    4. Music either way--that's what portable CD players etc. are for.

    5. Turn off the cell phone.

    6. Disable the telephone.

    7. Cover the tv set with an embroidered cloth.

    Bottom line: indoors after outdoors...go with beach and then dinner, preferably out or catered and delivered. It doesn't get any better.

    Suggestion: whatever you like on the rocks after dinner--and make the place a beach-view upper level venue.

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    Hi If it's a beautiful star filled and weather permitting, the beach would be an ideal place..But if not, a romantic dinner at home with soft music and lit candles, can be sooo romantic.

    Whatever you decide to do..ENJOY!..Juanna


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    How about option three: A nice dinner out somewhere then cuddling on the beach with a nice piece of cheese cake and second cuddle at home at the end of the night.

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    Make up a itemizing of reason you like her, and have it framed. you additionally could make a scrapbook web site of the two one in each of you and have that framed. supply her kisses and tell her how a lot you like her, do it at a random time, this is small issues like that that count selection. purchase her something small yet which you be attentive to she likes/desires and do it "merely because of the fact" prepare dinner her dinner one nighttime if she's had a troublesome day at artwork. furnish a rubdown. Take her to the park to have a picnic. Take her faraway from the city lighting fixtures to head action picture star staring at, convey blankets and cuddle (climate allowing of direction). leave her little love notes if she is going to college or to artwork. %. up a single rose (it does not might desire to be a dozen) and lay it on her pillow so she sees it while she receives homestead. Draw up a spectacular heat bubble tub. compliment her, not too regularly to the place it does not have the comparable result, yet at moments the place she does not assume it. Have slightly action picture nighttime with scrumptious treats. Make chocolate coated strawberries.

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    Candle light dinner at home because if we mutually decide on dessert, then the bedroom isn't too far away.....the thought of sand creeping up my @ss just makes me wince......

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    At home...less wind and sand in the food, then go to the beach with some wine and a blanket...

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    At home, eating at the beach really doesn't work.

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    Candle light at home the best ! Very romantic if she cooked for you ! No frozen dinner please!

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    Both, they are both an exciting way to enjoy a date or night with your girl. Any man who is a good man will enjoy your company no matter where you are and will go along with your ideas.

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