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Crys asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 1 decade ago

what time can i call the MA's?

Ok so i live on base(naval) my hubby is deployed these new neighbors have been hell!

what time can i call the MA's for disturbing me and my 2 yr olds sleep? there right outside 8 adults 12 kids partying in the yard up against my house(windows) the porch here and there bikes blocking my garage door...

Reason im so upset is there Blasting music out of their garage drinking(yelling LOUD) and the children are NOISY!!!!!

im 33 wks pregnant with just me and my 2 yr old what if i needed to drive myself to the hospital in labor i couldnt theres bikes in my driveway!

when i ask to please turn it down im exhausted and usually in bed by 9pm they told me to suck offened ive lived here 2 yrs no problems and if u have a 2 yr old and pregnant u really value your sleep so like (friday nite) i know the disturbing the peace time is different then normal hrs but is it 11pm or 12? when can the MA's do something ive Never ever had to call them for anything before.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!


NAS LEMOORE but u cant get them for disturbing the peace unless they are noisy after the hour posted i know there police but i wanna know if its 11pm or 12 that i can call and break this crap up im about to fall over asleep im exhausted:( and my lil girls awake.

Update 2:

ok thank you so much ! i figured id call and theyd say well its not so so time yet... but its pretty bad whem there up against ur child bedroom and mine just making as much noise as possible and no compassion what so ever. its sad:(

Update 3:

thanks everyone i called and they said they had 5 other calls on the same ppl.

looks like its not just me that cant sleep with this noise glad to know.

hopefully i will be in bed again in a few mins(hopefully my 2yr old too shes asleep on me atm she cried hereself back to sleep) just wanted to say thank you again:)

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    They operate the same as police officers. You can call them anytime.

    Where are you stationed?


    Ahh, we're at NAS Oceana. But, as for the question, it doesn't matter what the posted hour of disturbance is - they are blocking your exit out of your own driveway. That's enough to get them out there regardless of the hour. If you live in LLC housing, you can call the regular city police too. Perhaps if they come out for that, they'll tell them to break it up while they're there - when they see for themselves how loud it is.

    No problem! Glad to hear they're coming. Sweet dreams. :)

  • Anonymous
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    You never need permission to complain about anything.

    Although there is an anti-noise by law, it's aimed at a company doing heavy consruction near your house around 3 am. You can look into it.

    However the better way is to use provision under the tenants and householders Act call "quiet enjoyment" provision. Under the quiet enjoyment provision, anybody who makes noise at any time of day that is too loud that you find disturbing and the law says you are the person who gets to determine what is too loud and the people making the noise can be fined no matter what time the noise is made.

    It became very popular when leaf blowers were first invented. If you have a neighbour who used to use a leaf blower and now uses a rake, they probably got a "quiet enjoyment" letter. There is only one exception and that is for farmers.

    You need a lawyer to send a letter to whomever (the lawyer will know who) in the City government. The people will get an automatic warning, the next time a fine.

    I saw that you already looked into the anti-noise by law. A lot of people don't really understand that law, it's really aimed at businesses and construction companies from working past 10 pm and disturbing the neighbourhood. It's not very effective against neighbours. Quiet Enjoyment is a lot more effective and the time when the noise occurs is not a factor. The only factor is that it is too loud for you to enjoy your house or apartment. As a person above said, complain, complain, complain. But use the term "quiet enjoyment" it's a legal term and whomever is responsible for enforcement will know that if they don't get you peace and quiet you can complain to the State or in your case someone higher up in the chain of command.

  • Milmom
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    iIke lava dog said, just call them, They have to come out and investigate. And don't stop calling them.

    I had to do it myself. the neighbors below decided that the married barracks were for them and them only. I was prego and still in the service. I hated to do it, but I kept calling and calling, finally they got sick of me and moved. But i didn't call until it was 2 or 3 in the morning. 11 or 12 isn't bad for me, and it wasn't then

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    call them as soon as you want peace and quiet.......Semper Fi..

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