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how many people around the world would be displaced by global warming?

Latest united nations figure of people around the world who would be displaced by global warming

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    That is a great question but it needs more details... Global warming hasn't really been confirmed. The other thing to keep in respect is if global warming does exist at what point does your question refer to? If the world was 110°F then everyone would be affected...

    I guess the other way to answer your question is that temperature sensitive places will be affected the soonest. Like swamps, coastlines, etc....

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    forget about it

    When imediate disaster strikes such as a mega tsunami it is not posible to move billions of people around the place

    Where would you take them,.other people are already there and they would start shooting invaders

    There is no food or water to feed billions of people on the move .

    These are the hard truths that governments will never mention.

    Why do you think so many religions are increasing ,.

    The only thing anyone can do is prepare for death and wait calmly in their own homes

    People who are smart will have moved out long ago from vulnerable areas such as the coasts or the plains ,in between mountains is safest

    This idea of displacements is an impossible dream

    the petrol stations could not handle all the cars ,neither could the roads and where would any body go what would they eat the day after,

    It would be an inconcievable chaos full of violence with death so close

    everybody is much better off at home

    The last tsunami gave us a glimpse of the probabilities of full scale disaster

    But the rising seas of Global warming is a gradual process taking many years,people will have the opertunities to move elswhere in some countries

    But in Bangladesh and similar places ,already there is nowhere for migrants to go in their own country, these will be big problems that are just around the corner

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    Global warming is occurring, there is just no proof man is causing it. Some people may be displaced but there is varying thoughts on this as well. Al Gore tells us the water will rise 12 feet. Scientists tell us the water may rise 12 inches. The water has risen 1 inch in the last 100 years, anyone notice?

    Yes. Global surface temperatures have increased about 0.6°C (plus or minus 0.2°C) since the late-19th century, and about 0.4°F (0.2 to 0.3°C) over the past 25 years (the period with the most credible data). The warming has not been globally uniform. Some areas (including parts of the southeastern U.S.) have, in fact, cooled over the last century. The recent warmth has been greatest over North America and Eurasia between 40 and 70°N. Warming, assisted by the record El Niño of 1997-1998, has continued right up to the present, with 2001 being the second warmest year on record after 1998. (from the noaa web site)

    Global mean sea level has been rising at an average rate of 1 to 2 mm/year over the past 100 years, which is significantly larger than the rate averaged over the last several thousand years. Projected increase from 1990-2100 is anywhere from 0.09-0.88 meters, depending on which greenhouse gas scenario is used and many physical uncertainties in contributions to sea-level rise from a variety of frozen and unfrozen water sources. (also from the noaa web site)

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    depends on who's theory you believe...

    The alarmist theory says that sea levels will rise 20 ft or more...

    There are more conservative estimates that are probably more realistic... under 3 ft. Possibly just inches.

    If ALL of the glaciers and all of the ice caps melt worldwide all at once and there's no snow on the ground anywhere and no more water vapor in the atmosphere... (and if the ice caps were not floating) then the 20 ft + estimates might happen.

    Also... no water can remain in the world's rivers or lakes... it has to all flow into the oceans and stay there for the 20+ ft estimate to come true.

    But... global warming means higher air temperature and that means more water can be in vapor form... since there's a ratio of vapor water to liquid based on temperature that is fairly predictable. (We call it the "steam table" in power production using steam)

    Also.. there will never be a time when ALL ice on earth is melted. Somewhere there will be winter, and snow on the ground.... thus unmelted ice.

    Basicly... the alarmist's predictions of massive costtal flooding are a pipe dream.

    New Orleans will be tourable only by glass bottom boat in about 20 years even if there is no further rise in sea level... The ground is sinking at 1 to 8 inches a year. Rebuilding that place is a toatal waste of funds.

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    Yes it's real, yes it will affect us, no we are not causing it, yes this is the new one! If you want to do some research, check into the warming of our solar system. The Sun's rise in heat generation. If we think we can stop the Sun, that would be just like us. Our leaders know better, but they can sure sheer the flock with this stuff! Every time we get involved with mother nature we screw it up! PS-Wooglet-all that and no mention of Saturn, or Jupiter and it's moons being affected by the warming Sun! WOW

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    For goodness sake this isn't going to happen overnight. If and when seas rise people will just move to higher ground. No body will be displaced. If I owned a seaside property then I would only be wondering when I might have to move.

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    If you just look at from the perspective of rising ocean waters it is potentially hundreds of millions of people. That is just based on projected sea level rise.

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    Nearly 2 BILLION. Explain yourself Kevin.

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    hmm...according to my knowledge...the whole island of Maldives will be under-water..

    n0t only Maldives...milli0ns of Pe0ple will be affected by the rising water level.

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    man made global warming is a scam so dont worry about it.

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