type of leadership style in tourism industry?

examplain me about who many type od ledarship style importent for tourism business

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    1 decade ago
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    A lot of flexibility. A lot of diplomacy. A lot of tact. Clients are always right. You want them to come back again and again and again using your agency, using your services; so you must be truely clients' friendly. The preparations must be excellent. The welcome is good. The visit must be according to what they want. You must talk to your people. Send them for excellent tourism courses. Listen to their ideas. Tourism is really different and special. You are dealing with people who want to have a good time relaxing, seeing the country, experiencing the local lifestyle. The key word is to have a good time. Not rushed. Not blindly following the schedule. Whoever your clients are; local or international. Local clients actually help their own country a lot because they are always around and they can visit the place as many times as they like, whereas the international visitor may come only once and never come again because there are many other places in the world and not because they do not like it here. Discipline also because if you have to stick to a schedule then you must be very disciplined to do that. If your schedule says 8 a.m. to visit the waterfall, it must be 8 a.m. and not past 8 because everybody is already so eager to visit the place. You need to have good principles like if you cannot bring the tourists to certain places, you might have to refund or give them something equally good. You need to know a lot of other people, contacts, linkages, emergency backup, all the important facilities like the police, hospital because you might never know if something will happen to the tourists. You have to be very knowledgeble. Languages too to talk to your clients.

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