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FSX Airplanes???

Ive checked what kind of planes they have. what im looking for are real airplanes in airports like american airlines, southwest airlines, japan airlines, and something like that. if they are in game tell me. if not tell me where i can get them thank you.

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    I'm sorry, but Microsoft can't use those kinds of brands because they don't own all those airlines. You'll need to buy some kind of Flight traffic software that's easily foundon the internet. I use a program called Ultimate Traffic by Flight1. You can buy that here:

    (just copy the link to your browser)

    There are other programs out there from other companies, but I like this one the best.

    I hope it all works out for you.

    Have a good flight.

    Just one thing you should know about it though is that you might stop focusing on your present flight just to go look at all the airplanes at the airports, espcially the more crowded ones. (this happens to me a lot) Beware, although Ultimate Traffic adds more parking to comercial airports, they can still get LOTS of runway and parking problems, like airports filling up, planes taking to long to land or getting spaced to close together, or taking forever to taxi. Fix this by using this free program:

    (it's near the bottom of the page, called AFCAD 1.4)

    Good Luck

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