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How do I get Norton Security Scan off my computer?

I uninstalled Norton Internet Suite from my computer but the Security Scan stayed behind. It is running now and I don't want it on there. Also, why do they ship all that third party crap. It makes it impossible to do a "clean Install" of Windows?

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    You can go to Symantec and get a remove prog.It is a pain.

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    I do not want any scan from Norton left on this pc

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    That is one of the main reasons I quit them... I had a system that one of the updates totally crashed the machine.

    The removal tool from them is about the only way you can get it removed. (Even then if you search the registry you will still find Norton/Symantec entries!) So you may want to manually edit the registry as well.

    Good Luck -

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    You could fix this problem by installing latest updates of your Norton product. To get the latest updates for your Norton product, run LiveUpdate until no updates are available. More information can be found in the following link,

  • Uninstalling the program through Add and Remove programs does not work. I applaud your decision for removing this invasive, ineffectual, crapware from your system.

    To get rid of the program entirely, you need to download and run the Norton uninstaller directly from Syamantecs web site.

    Here is the link you need;

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    you can go to start---control panel--- add and remove programs---- find Norton and remove it.

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