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Ozzy Osbourne song:what does SATO stand for?

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    Ozzy Osbourne : Vocals

    Randy Rhoads : Guitars

    Bob Daisley : Bass

    Don Airey : Keyboards

    Lee Kerslake : Drums

    all tracks by Osbourne,Rhoads,Daisley,Kerslake except 3. & 4. by


    S.A.T.O is NOT short for Sailing Across The Ocean. Bob Daisley explains:

    "...originally that song was called "Strange Voyage", and after I left the

    band, the changed the name to "S.A.T.O." and all that meant was Sharon Adrian

    Thelma Ozzy. Because Sharon at the time had a boyfriend called Adrian, and

    Ozzy's current wife at the time was Thelma. People were trying to figure out,

    'Oh, it stands for Sail Across the Ocean' and all sorts of things, but it just

    meant that."

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    5 years ago

    Ozzy Osbourne Sato

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    Ozzy Osbourne song:what does SATO stand for?

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    1 decade ago

    Sharon (his wife)

    Arden (Sharon's maiden name)

    Thelma (his first wife)


  • 1 decade ago

    Sailing across the ocean

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