Can't we all just get along?

As a white guy who attended black schools as a child, I can tell you that it's much safer to be a black guy in a white neighborhood than a white guy in a black neighborhood. Any honest black person should tell you the same. That being said, I have nothing against anyone based soley on their race. Some of my best friends have been black...others mexican. I've been listening to rap music since whodini and RunDMC came out. My kings of comedy are R. Pryor, E. Murphy, and B. Cosby. I've seen racism from every angle and, to be honest, I can't believe were still having race problems. We're all Americans. That is our culture...AMERICAN. A black man in cuba and a black man in chicago do not share the same culture. Same for a white man in Sweden and a white man in San Diego. Black and white are colors, not cultures; no different than hair color or skin color.


If you grew up in the ghetto, then your culture is a one of a low income...not black, as there are more poor white people in this country than poor black people. I believe that if not for the race "pedalers", namely, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ray Nagin, Jamie Fox, etc... The race problem would be less than half the problem that it is. You have to admit that when a hurricane hits a city and it is portrayed as the white man hating on the black man...that's absurd. Can you name the FOUR storm that hit Florida the year before. Four storms hit the same areas in a period of a couple of months, yet they are forgotten already. Why is that???? I don't think that whites are genetically superior to anyone. I just get tired of the double standard. It's almost enough to make a person turn into a racist, who wouldn't have been otherwise. Even in the rap that I grew up listening to. Rap is not black music. Rap would not be the billion dollar industry that it is today without white peop

Update 2:

Not only buying the albums but where would russell simmons be without rick ruben. DMC himself said that their music was just like any others until they added one thing, "hard rock guitars" that what set them apart...using music made by white people. The same goes for country music and rock music. Hank Williams, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, etc.. were influenced by Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf, Buddy Guy, Muddy Waters. When rock first started it was called black music. When will people recognize what all of these forms of music really are...not black, not white, but examples of what can be accomplished when black people and white people work together without black pride or white pride clouding their progress. Stop the madness!! we're all Americans. If you've never set foot in Africa then your not African. My last name is from Itailian origin, but I am an American...period!!! I could keep on, but I leave it at that!!!

Update 3:

Actually tarzan, one stereotype that helped me out was the one that suggest white guys can't fight. Since most of them believe that, one thing that really scares them is getting the crap beat out of them by a white guy in front of their boys. So after I beat the crap out of a few of them...they left me alone. The mexicans...that's another story. They'd usually not fight unless they had the numbers. If you did beat one of them up, you'd spend the rest of your time watching your back for their brothers and cousins. But yeah, if they saw any weakness in you, you wouldn't make it a month.

Update 4:

Sorry're probably right...I will try to keep it shorter from know on.

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    Wow, that was very heartfelt

    It's good that you are trying to spread equality, I think we should all do our part. In my neighborhood we have a cultural center where people can learn about all different ethnicities adn cultures of other people without hating and being offended/scared/whatever.

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    1 decade ago

    Ifeel sorry for you I bet you did take afew @ss beating living in the hood why did'nt you ask them when they were kicking your donkey why can't we just get along

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Because humans are pigs. Its never going to change.

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