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what games can i play that i can chat with other people to?

i was playing a game checkers and you can chat to the person your are playing aganist and im not good at that game and i lost like 44444 times so are there anywebsites or games that dont require downloading or cost money that i can play and talk to the person im playing with ?

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    Although you have to download '9Dragons' by 'Acclaim' it is way better than 'Runescape' and also free. I would suggest this if you are looking for a MMORPG. There are lots of people from all over the world that play this game. I happen to belong to a hero band based in Portugal.

    You can also try there is a tank shooter game and a few other simple games and you can chat with other people while you are playing.

    Of course there is YahooGames where you can play pool, mahjong, spades, hearts, etc... and all of these support chat.

    Although I do not have the patience for text based games, you can look into a few of those.

    Thats all i got for now...

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    Games Where U Can Chat

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    There is a large MMORPG called Runescape where you can text chat with the people you are playing with. If you want the vocal chatting i would recommend getting a Xbox 360 and getting a live connection. Just my thoughts though

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    Although Runescape isn't bad, I'd recommend Habbohotel. To play it is free, but to purchase furniture on the game costs money. It's a seriously addictive game, but very fun. There is also IMVU.

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    You can download Mad Checkers for free here:

    no surveys, no scams, just the full game!

    Mad Checkers includes simple and very appealing graphics; furthermore it can be played by users of all ages.

    Give it a try.

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    in theres a game called stick man arena you can chat there all u have to do is make a username and password thats it then log on and theres the chat room

  • Theres the free version of club penguin

  • 1 decade ago is a good one

    About 1/3 of the games are free - you just pick a name and pw and then play (and chat)!

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    go to you have to sign up but they dont charge you if you get the free one and you can chat with people that are playing the game

  • 1 decade ago has games but you can't see people while you play the games, but if you aren't playing the games you can see penguins from other countries online

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