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Wouldn't Ice Hockey or LaCrosse be a good replacement for Soccer?

Now THERE'S an idea, (and every North American would agree). Hockey and Soccer and LaCross are all pretty much the same sport, similar rules and each team having goalies, etc.

But the very best part about Ice Hockey are the fights... (Admit it, all of you like to see fights)...

But even more than fights I'd love to see Ronaldinho and Ronaldo on skates.

I'll bet they don't even know how to skate.


Just to make it more interesting I'll say let's include replacing Soccer with Hockey OR LaCrosse. At least then we'll have another sport originating in North America that we can all learn to play together.. (No, you will never win Americans over to Soccer, so let's not go there. Just something about not being able to use your hands, we just can't play sports like that, trust me.)

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    There's room for all three of these sports. None of them have to be replaced. Did you ever think maybe you've been using your hand a little too much lately?

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    You certainly seem to have an obsession with using your hands. So, no, hockey or lacrosse would not be a good replacement for soccer nor would every North American agree. You don't speak for so just speak for yourself. Just try to face it and get over the fact that soccer is the most popular, the best, the most widely played, and the most widely watched sport in the world. No other sport can or will likely ever compare to it. I don't always like to see fights like you assume. I think you definitely don't understand soccer and you're quite narrow minded. No you wont win all Americans over to soccer but it is becoming more popular among Americans. I think because of your failure to understand soccer and you're lack of appreciation of it, you've developed a strong dislike for it and you're also threatened by it's world wide popularity and growing popularity among Americans and you may also be jealous of it as well. I think soccer will become one of the top 4 sports in the US. We can play sports that don't require the use of your hands. Trust me. If you don't like soccer than don't pay attention to it. Now THERE'S an idea. Don't come here and put it down because you wont win here. Trust me.

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    Well, soccer is probably the best sport you will ever get to play, it involves pretty much everything, indivduality, but at the same time teamwork. It also involves a good tactic, not like hockey which you basically pass to the nearest player, and lacrosse is kind of wierd due to the whole "running with a ball in a net"

    Yeah, O_o that's just wierd! So i would say soccer is the best sport you will ever get to know.

    p.s. *soccer is taking over every country*

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    Oh I think that soccer will never make it big here so maybe I think Hockey would be a great sport I dont mean to mean but it just seems that Lacrosse is not that great of a sport, but at least its an alternative.

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    Wow! You've got some imagination my friend. Football (soccer to the uninitiated) must really be getting to you if you have to come up with that little scenario! The greatest game in the world is here to stay in your beloved country....suck it up!

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    and i would rather replace u with Osama than agree with a THING u just said

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    shut up

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    ok, thanks for the rant. you can now go back to hockey.

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