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Whats Liability insurance?

Im shopping for car insurance but i don't know all those terms there all new to me. "Full Coverage, Liability what's all this mean?

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    Liability means that you are covered if you cause an accident or damage to property and you are sued for those damages. Liability is the bare minimum insurance and is required in all states.

    Full coverage means that you not only have liability insurance, but also are covered if you get in an accident, even if you caused it. You would still have to pay a deductible (you can chose to set yours at $250, $500, and $1000 usually), but your insurance company will cover all other damages. Full coverage also includes comprehensive coverage which applies to things like theft and damage from natural causes (tree falling on car, hitting a deer, etc.).

    Insurance varies state to state, so speak to a representative and he or she can give you more details that are specific to you.

    I have been very pleased with Progressive and I have included a link to their website:

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    It pays up to the limits of your coverage for any damage you do to property or bodily injury to others. In other words, if you are at fault in an accident, your liability coverage would repair the other persons car and cover their medical expenses if they were injured.

    Full coverage means that besides liability, you also have collision and comprehensive coverage which means that the insurance company will also pay for repairs to your car in a collision or for loss due to theft or vandalism. There is usually a deductible.

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    Liability means that you are covered for the other persons medical and collision but that you take personal fiancial responsibility for your own self and property. This is the least expensive and would only real advise if you have a car that is not worth that much and health insurance. Full coverage means your losses are covered also for what ever amount over of medical and collision deductiables you chose.

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    Liability refers to what your policy will cover if you injure another person or you cause damage to another persons property (car or fixed property)

    Comprehensive and collision coverage are the coverages that will cover damage to your own car.

    A lot of states also require you to carry some form of medical coverage for yourself on your vehicle policy.

    Always be careful when looking - full coverage does not mean the same on every policy.

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    Liability insurance pays for any injuries, deaths, or property damage that result from an accident when a covered person driving your car is at fault. It doesn't pay for your damage or injuries, but does pay for injuries to other occupants in your vehicle and doesn't pay anything if you let someone who is not a covered driver under the terms of your policy borrow your car.

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