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On skateboard bearings what's the ABEC letters mean?

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    ABEC stands for Annular Bearing Engineers' Committee.

    Does ABEC affect the speed of your skates?

    No. Not unless you are skating at 330 mph. That's based on a 608 bearing limiting speed of 32,000 rpm. Only in extremely high speed applications like ultra high speed motors and precision measuring instruments can bearings above ABEC 1 affect performance. Regardless of how fast you plan to go, speed is affected first and foremost by the choice of lubricant.

    If we're going to talk about tolerances, the fit of your wheels and axles have a much greater effect on performance than ABEC rating. Wheels and axles for inline skates have extremely loose fits that allow you to press the bearings into the wheel by hand. This masks the benefits of a higher precision bearing by allowing it to slip on the axle or in the wheel. Slippage between the mating parts results in energy loss. Lost energy is lost speed.

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    i've got been utilising Black Panther Swiss bearings in a pair boards for some years. they have been reliable and supply good velocity, adequate to do grinds in the 9ft end of the pool. The ABEC score has little to do with velocity. It basically pertains to tolerances in manufacture and use in severe velocity equipment. It has not something to do with the suitability of a bearing for skateboarding. it is why maximum severe-end bearings at the instant are not ABEC rated, as they are designed especially for skateboards.

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    ABEC pretty much summerizes up you bearings Abec 3 crappy but ok

    ABEC 5 greant but not pefect

    ABEC 7 almost th best but some flaws

    ABEC 9 smoothest fasted longer lasting but hard to find

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    Go to Wikipedia for more info

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