how well do Pegasus brand kitchen faucets perform compared to moen, kohler, etc?

also, any problems with installation?

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    1 decade ago
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    From personal experience, my husband and I bought an old house that has been partially renovated. All the sinks were recently replaced with Pegasus fixtures and sinks. But, all the showers still had older Moen fixtures in them. The faucet in the kitchen sink has already broken twice - and currently, it's beyond repair and needs to be replaced. We've never had a problem with the old Moen faucets, in this house and in other houses we have renovated.

    I haven't completely sworn off Pegasus faucets, because they have a good reputation, and they are generally comparable to Moen and Kohler in looks and price. If it were up to me, I would probably buy either a Moen or Pegasus and most of my decision would be based on the price and looks of the faucet, since both products are outstanding.

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    Most faucets "perform" well, for a period of time. I like being able to get parts if a failure happens. Moen offers lifetime parts replacement. Kohler has a good warranty also. Much of the quality comes from sturdy materials used when making the product. One such thing is "plastic" chrome coatings that wear off or dull in short time. Solid brass bodies are another.

  • 1 decade ago

    Moen is the best. All other brands have provided me with untold strife over the years and wasted coin. Moen costs a little more at time of purchase but then it gives you years of operation with little to no hassle.

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