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I have a Cannondale Caffine 2007 model.?

I was hoping someone knew if it had presta or schrader valves in my tires?

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    Cannondale mountain bikes come standard with schrader valves unless you had a special preformance tire put on.

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    don't know... depends what they put in at the factory. Probably presta since it isn't a low end bike.

    Shrader valves are the standard kind, like on a car, that you can fill up at a gas station.

    Presta's are the narrow valves, with a lock ring on them. when you take off the valve cap, there is a locking mechanism you have to unscrew to get air in or out. this makes it a better valve. So if it doesn't look like a car tire valve, it is presta

    To fill presta valves, you either need an adaptor (which just screws on - you can leave it on if you want) or use a pump that can do both kinds of valves.

    Here is a website that shows the differences:

    Source(s): Work in a bike service shop
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    If it is the same type of valve that is on your car it is a schrader if it is a skinny gold or silver thing that you have to unscrew to inflate it is a presta

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    wondering how you like your cannondale . i am interested in buying one.

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    You can't look at it?

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