Why Japan? Why are we interested about it?

Why Japan? why are we interested about it so much (I mean we gaijin's). That question poped in to my head after reading CYN question: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AiZj0...

After reading CYN's question I started to think, Yeah why Japan? Why im i so into Japanese Culture, Jpop, and Anime. Then I realize the roots of this intrest - When I was a young I alywas watch this show called 'Japan Video Topics'. It was a show about Japan made to attract tourist. Then there was this Anime boom when I was in Philippines that made me learn more about Japanese Culture. To be honest as well i'll include Japanses girls and Japanese fassion (especially Cosplay!).

So how about you?

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    As a foreigner who has lived in Japan for the last six years, the initial attraction was the way that Anime and Japanese life are surprisingly close. I have seen places in Anime and then accidentally stumbled accross the same places whilst out and about. It is the strange "life but not as we know it" feel where day to day life seems to pass by as normal nobodyelse bats an eyelid when you see somebody bobbing down the street in a completely outrageous costume. For the first two years I was here, I felt as though I was living in an anime! Cosplay has to be seen to be believed. It is truly the missing link between real Japan and anime.

    I think that rather than growing up Westernised as many other countries did or holding their own culture dear as other countries do, Japan went on a crash course of Westernisation which did result in some tragic losses in real Japanese culture but also means that some really Western things also hold Japanese culture within them. This theme fascinates people from western countries as it is almost like an alternative to the life you know. The remains of customs that are performed daily but most people don't even know what they mean or where they originate from. The striving factor to keep the "wa" or the balance by not straying from the crowd. The poor business men who routinely take responsibility for the mistakes of their peers and commit suicide accordingly. The people who live with their parents until their mid thirties so that they can blow the larger portion of their salaries on designer wear. Major Japanese companies who refuse to employ the great great great great grandchildren of shamed samurai. The refusual to lose face by admitting mistakes even in the face of the facts. The "dango" where the police, government and yakuza all work together behind closed doors. I could go on forever...

    On the outside it is amazing to behold yet on the inside, the depths that some things run to is unbelievably deep. No matter how deep you run into Japan, there is always more waiting for you and that is what makes us keep coming back again and again and again.

    Source(s): 6 straight years of living in Japan running a legitimate business despite "pressures" from external sources to do otherwise.
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    Unfortunately, my views of Japan are sour.. just my opinions. I feel the Japanese pretty much deprived some Asian countries of their culture, history, people, etc. in many ways.. They were great in hiding all the unthinkable atrocities they did to other countries in the early-mid 1900s, so they were able to avoid the international critisism as well.. (I personally think that part of history should be well-known & talked about more like slavery in America or the Holocaust.. Not once did I hear it even being mentioned in Global History. The Japanese are indeed very skilled people! no doubt.) A majority of people therefore think Japan is great & so vibrant compared to other Asian countries... It's a shame & I never think that way because I know the truth.

    Joriental: It is actually since 60+ years ago when all that ended. Look at the past, realize what you did wrong, apologize, then move on fresher.. Some of the victims are alive & haven't received any apology what so ever. Besides, '100' & 700 yrs are a big difference.. What happened 700yrs ago is not of a big impact now than 60yrs ago. Anyway, good for you. (I guess the rest of Japan didn't want to forgive China like you when they invaded it in the 30s.)

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    I first became interested in Japan when I first watched Pokemon (about 6 or 7 years old).

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    They also have a lot of things that are unique to western culture that we can explore and appreciate, and there is a certain quality to Japanese products and entertainment that many other countries lack. In a sense, I think Japan is kinda like an Asian cousin to the West, and we just tend to compliment eachother.

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    Asian culture yes, japan not so much. For me Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, been to Indo and Thai, Msia next year

    oh and my gf is Indo too - that helps

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    I love the culture, the food, the interesting sites, the beautiful nature, the conveneient transportation, the nightlife, Doreamon, Japan League Baseball, and the friendly people.

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    I am still relatively young. I'm not so much intrested in Jpop unless it is involved with anime. There is two reasons in particulary intrested in: food and parks in while sakuras are falling.

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    Second biggest economy in the world.

    Their unique culture, esp attitudes on love, marriage and sex, are completely different.

    The Japanese have very very long lives, due to their diet.

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    What other culture can put a smile on your face so easily?

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    Because they have saturated our markets. And frankly they are pretty healthy people.

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