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I own a 50'' Hitachi HDTV with 1080i,Monster Ultra 800 HDMI cable & with Xbox 360 HD-DVD. What else do I need?

I really love my HDTV picture & sound. I just wanted to make sure that I have a full HD?


-50''Hitachi HDTV 1080i resolution

-Xbox 360 HD-DVD

-Monster Ultra 800 HDMI to DVI Home Theater

*All this is it enough? I just like upgrade.

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    I'm not familiar with your particular TV, but a good TV can basically make a 1080i look like 1080p, at least from a video source like HD-DVD. So you're good there. You'll want to use HDMI to make sure you get any upscaling benefits for regular DVDs (although not sure if the xbox upscales or not).

    For audio, you'll probably want a good receiver for "HD" audio with 5.1 (or 7.1) set-up. Run an HDMI cable from the player to the receiver, and another cable to get video from the receiver to the TV.

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    well you can replace the tv with a 1080p change out the 360 for a PS3 so you can have a blueray DVD player and use nothing but HDMI 1.3 for HD surround as well then you would need a THX certified surround sound system and your set

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    How bout sound? How you gettin your sound to your home theater? Are you gettin 5.1 or dts. Depending on your home theater reciever you might need more then that hdmi cable. You might need to go with digital coax or optical to get the dolby to the home theater.

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    to have full HD u need a 1080p resolution and the only gaming system that supports that is the sony ps3

    p.s. PS3 RULES!!!

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    sounds like you have a monster system, can I come over for the super Bowl? I'll bring beer and chicken wings!

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    You need a TV with 1080p and a PS3 with blue-ray!

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    HDMI is glitch-ridden, so maybe you should consider another interface type, such as component. Other than that, you should be ok

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    a place with four walls, ceiling, floor, door

    and electricity

    does that help you

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