Help me connect my HD TV and home cinema system...?

I have just purchased a 40 inch high definition (1080 res) SONY television. I need some help connecting the various wires to the TV. Here are the other devices that I have:-

(1)SONY home cinema system with built in DVD player

(2) VCR

(3) Digital receiver box

I believe that I need to use a HDMI cable to connect the home cinema system as this has a built in DVD upscaler that converts standard DVD's to 1080 format. What is the optimum way to connect the various devices. Any help would be appreciated.

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    I'm not all that familiar with the Sony Home Cinema System. Is that a receiver as well? Do you have any speakers running from it?

    Obviously you want an HDMI cable from the DVD player to the the TV. This takes advanatge of the upscaling. You can then choose to connect the VCR and the Digital Box to either the TV or the Cinema system. If you output your audio from the Cinema system, then connect the other items to that first. If not, you just bypass it and go direct to the TV. Again use an HDMI from the digital box if you can. You may need to upgrade the box to receive HD signals (call your provider if you have questions). The VCR can use simplier hook-ups, either video, S-video, or component, depending on what outputs it has. Component is the best, video the worst. If the Sony Home Cinema upconverts, it should pas all signals to the TV via HDMI cable. If it does not, you may need to run other cables from it to the TV to pass all the video signals.

    Finally, make sure all your pieces are set-up properly. Make sure your DVD player knows you now have a 16:9 screen and is outputting over the HDMI. You make also want to callibrate your set to optimize your TV settings (i.e. brightness, contrast, tint, etc...)

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    You'll have to use a different type of cable for each device...The upscale DVD will probably need an HDMI cable...The digital receiver box will need "component" cables...And your VCR will need old-school "composite"...These 3 cables are just for the picture...You'll need to do separate audio for each device, too...Pretty tricky.

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    use HDMI cables wheere possible and component when needed read the back of the tv and your accessories and match the colors or the in and out

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