How can I overcome my shyness around girls?

I'm 19 years old and I'm friends with this girl who is 17 years old. I like her alot, even though she only likes me as a friend. How can I overcome my shyness when I'm around her? I want to be more outgoing but I also don't want to be annoying either though. How can I find the balance between being funny and outgoing without being really annoying and possibly looking stupid? should I even care since we are just friends? I want to be more outgoing and funny but I also don't want to embarrass myself in front of her! BTW she is outgoing and talkative so its kind of hard to get a word in sometimes. Also when we hang out it seems like she is always tired and not really interested in whats going on sometimes. She is really funny and cool to hang out with but sometimes she gets where she is really tired and I don't think she would think it would be funny if I started being more outgoing. BTW we spend most of our time hanging out in my car:) :(



She knows I'm somewhat shy so that dosen't help, but I'm trying to be more outgoing and show her a good time. It feels like in order for me to hang out with her more/get invited to her parties I need to be outgoing and funny.


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    you dont have to be outgoing & funny for a girl to like you.....if your shy why cant you just be yourself around for the girl if she sees you as a friend.....why can't you just be yourself with her...

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    1 decade ago

    A great trick to getting over shyness (I was once extremely shy) is to ask questions about the other person. It's helpful to think of a few in advance so you can avoid questions that get one-word answers. Some can include things like:

    "If you won the lottery tonight, what would be the first thing you would do? What would you do tomorrow?"

    "If you could meet anyone famous from the past or in the present, who would that be and what would you say?"

    "Name one thing you're dying to tell someone that you never told anyone before."

    And since you don't want to become her best friend, but rather a boyfriend, (and she acts like she's enjoying the Q&A) you can also throw in a few questions like, "how do you like to be kissed?" "what do you like most in traits in guys?"

    Since you feel you haven't been too talkative, you can preface the hanging out time together by saying since we can't always find something fun to do, I thought it would be fun to play 10 Questions - so I'll start by asking you some and you ask me some.

    I dated a guy I thoroughly liked just after high school. We rode around in his awesome 1964 Mustang (which I loved), and every single time I'd drift asleep with my head on his shoulder. We really liked each other a lot, but I was SO relaxed that I never stayed awake! If he had been a bit spicier and direct in his approach we would have continued dating. Instead, we amicably broke up and he dated a wilder girl (probably good for him because he was so reserved) and they got married! So give this a shot, and if it doesn't work out, keep in mind that a better match for you might be around the corner (literally!).

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    There's something you should know about us girls: we don't expect you to do things perfectly! As a girl, I don't really judge guys by the way they start things, but the way they finish them. Maybe you came up to me, got shy and left without a word. That's okay, as long as you come back and try again. You can start with a smile, that's fine too. When I stand there and look all expectant like "well, say something!" I'm really just impressed you made it all the way over to where I'm standing. I'm silent because I don't want to take up the talk bubble if you have something important to say like "hi." Keep trying. The girls are nervous too!

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    Okay don't be afraid to make a fool out of yourself sometimes just to make her smile you should be willing to go beyond, but not to beyond you have a reputation to keep up...smiles...but anyway get out of the car that is kinda boring go out to the movies of course, to dinner, mall, anyplace that is funny or you know something there interesting and also an amusement park is also nice try that,,,hopefully little me helped out a bit.......SMILE...Abelebeby

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    1 decade ago

    Play a little hard to get, look at other girls when shes around',invite another girl along for the ride,WORKS EVERY TIME!!!

  • 1 decade ago

    invite her over to ur house with some friends watch a movie sit next to her put ur arm around her and she will know that u like her. just DONT act different because then if she doesnt like your 'new' personality she might think ur kinda wierd for a 'boyfriend'

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    Just be yourself. Trust me girls love it when a guy is sweet and makes her laugh. You sound pretty nice and if you are yourself she'll think your funny. Just relax around her.

  • 1 decade ago

    Have sex.

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