what is ESD Wriststrap?

what is ESD Wriststrap? what does it do?

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    ESD=Electro-Static Discharge. An ESD wristband prevents static energy, generated by oh, say, walking, from discharging onto your valuable electronic components. You don't want to fry a $2,000 processor or hard drive with ALL of your information on it would you?

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    ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge.

    ESD wrist strap is also known as anti static wrist strap.

    ESD wrist strap consists of a wrist band which is normally made of an elastic fabric or metal and a coiled cord.

    An alligator clip always come together with the whole ESD wrist strap system.

    There is always a 1M ohm resistor inside the cord to protect humans from harmful hazardous electric current.

    When in use, ESD wrist strap is normally attached/clipped to the ground.

    The ground could be the metal chassis of a computer with its power cord being remained at the ac power receptacle.

    When two materials come into contact and then separate, static electricity is then build up for example from contact and separation between the shoe sole and the carpet . Then ESD wrist strap is worn by the users to drain the static electric charges that build up on the person body.

    Static charges which are not drained are harmful to esd sensitive devices like your computer RAM stick, microprocessor,hard disk drive and ICs and so on.

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    ESD stands for Electro Static Discharge, ESD Wrist Strap like a band that attaches to your wrist, which help to prevent any discharge of static electricity.

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    ESD=Electro Static Discharge

    Provides static electricity protection for sensitive components.

    Did you ever get a shock touching something?

    This can seriously damage things in any computer.

    This if properly used prevents that

    Hope this helps,


    Source(s): I have a degree in electrical engineering 30 years field experience and have taught computers at several VA facilities.
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  • sosguy
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    ESD - electrical static discharge. Good idea to have when working around computers - static from your body can kill a chip. The strap prevents any discharge of static electricity.

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    It's a band that attaches to your wrist that grounds you so that you are able work on electronics. If you do not use it then you will more than likely surge all of your circuits and break your components!

  • mark b
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    1 decade ago

    Not necessary as long as you're touching the case with your other hand when handling circuit boards.

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