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Spybot Search and Destroy?

I already have Ad-Aware 2007 and Windows Defender as my anti-spyware products. Do you think I should get Spybot Search and Destroy. I know that Windows Defender has real-time protection and that Spybot has Tea-Timer, but I wouldn't use that feature. Many people say that all of these are good to use together. Are they? Is Spybot good? And will this conflict with the other anti-spyware programs on my computer?

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    yes spybot is a good program, much better than windows defender and ad-aware.

    no this having multiple anti spyware programs installed on ur computer won't result in any conflicts. this only happens with anti virus programs.

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    It is always a good practice to have 2 separate anti-spyware programs. Each program has it's own definitions in order to search out spyware. One may pick up spyware that the other doesn't. As for using these 2 with Windows Defender, I don't think you will run into any trouble. I actually run Spybot, Ad-Aware and Defender and have had no problems. Just don't run all 3 at the same time.

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    My opinion is you do NOT need to use Spybot S&D. This is because your Ad-Aware 2007 alone is sufficient enough to protect your PC from malware. But it is still up to you whether to use multiple or single anti-spyware. Don't worry, Spybot does not cause any conflict and is compatible with other products.

    By the way, I had did some research and found out that Windows Defender is not really reliable. You can get rid of that and install Spybot instead.

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    Spybot is a fine free program that should not interfere with your other anti-spyware products. Spybot does have an immunization feature against spyware. Use the tea-timer - it works fairly decently.

    I have been using Spybot for years.

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    Yes, they generally look for some of the same stuff but they also look for different things. I have both and they do list things that the other one missed. Spybot is free and it is good.

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    i use SB S&D in conjunction with Adaware and I don't have issues with using the two together. It's better anyways since each program picks up spyware or adware that the other one might have missed. I don't know how they will work along with WD, but It should be fine.

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    Yes, use it.

    You can have multiple anti spyware programs.

    It's the anti-virus and firewall programs that can conflict with eachother.

  • yep use all 3. i do on vista ult and my and no problemos..R

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