How many time zones in America?

How to choose the time zone in different cities in US?

What is the one of eBay?

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    It seems most people are forgetting all the US territories, & the beautiful Hawaii! The Continental U.S. has Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern, & Atlantic time zones; parts of Maine & Puerto Rico, (all of it) both fit Atlantic Time, but becuase we don't use daylight savings, Puerto Rico is at the "same" time as the EST (eastern standard time), until the mainland goes off daylight savings, in the fall. During the fall & winter months, Puerto Rico is an hour ahead.

    Alaska I believe falls furthest west of the mainland states, and is on it's western most, is located in PST (pacific standard time; even though it's not part of the "48 contiguous" states, it's still on the "mainland". Being the largest state, and taking up about 1/3 the size of all the other states, Alaska also falls into other time zones, how far east, i'm not sure. Hawaii is another story.

    Located about 2300+ miles off the CA coast, Hawaii is considered in Hawaii-Aleutian time. Further west is the tiny island of American Samoa, then other small islands such as Guam, Northern mariana islands, etc.

    We (the United States) has many territories, (caribbean and Pacific), the residents of wich are all considered US citizens. Although they do not vote in general presidential elections, while living in the territories, (as is true here in Puerto Rico). If they were to travel to the US mainland, or AK/HI, as full US citizens, they're not required a visa, and they are allowed the priviledge to vote.

    Don't feel bad if you didn't realize all this, I have lived in PR for 13 months now, and I learned some of this when I got here!

    For more on time zones, check out the United States Govt official time website; they've got some great links, but if you want to get an idea of the "big picture" check out Yahoo maps! click to the furthest view, and surf the globe!

    Oh, I almost forgot; Ebay is located PST (pacific standard time), becuase it is headquartered in CA.

    I hope you found this helpful!


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    Eastern. Central. Mountain. and Pacific. Ebay is on Pacfic

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    five, alaska, west coast, mountain, central, and eastern

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