Why does Ft. Collins get so hot?

Anybody out their from Colorado?

I like to keep tabs on the temps in Colorado Springs and Denver, and noticed that Ft. Collins can be in the 90's while the Springs can be in the high 70's.

Both on the front range of Rockies, so why the difference?


I'm not saying there is a 20 degree difference all the time, but YES, A NUMBER OF TIMES THERE HAS BEEN THAT RECORDED ON WEATHERBUG AND CNN!!!

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    Colorado Springs is over 1,000 ft higher in elevation than Fort Collins (C. Springs 6,035 feet, Ft Collins 5,003 feet). That alone accounts for a significant temperature difference.

  • jkc
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    Keep in mind that it also depends on where the weather bug stations are at. For example, here in Longmont the station is at my son's middle school which is a few miles away. I have a weather station here at the house and it amazes me how it varies sometimes.

    Elevation does make a difference but also little things like if they are getting a small rain shower at the time and we are blazing sunny up this way there can be that difference.

    But I do hear ya! Seems like we are always hotter up here further north. My weather bug was showing over 100 the other day......

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    the springs is in the foothills and Ft Collins is prairie, but I don't think there's 20 degrees difference

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    i think all colorado is like a fire there is alomost hot everywhere with little differnce

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  • 1 decade ago

    We are closer to the sun than anyone else. So- your answer is- ALTITUDE

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