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Should i be letting my 12 year old read these?

My daughter, Marley, loves to read books by Lurlene McDaniel, but for some reason i don't like her reading these. If you aren't already aware of this...someone dies in almost every book due to a disease such as kidney failure or leukemia. I'm not sure why she likes to read books about other teens suffering. It also worries me because she is constantly saying that she has cancer or a brain tumor because she feels one thing the same as one of the characters in her books! Am i just being to protective or should i limit the amount of time i let her read such depressing books and hlep her find another author she enjoys reading. As of right now she REFUSES to read anything, but Lurlene McDaniel books!!

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    There was a period when I was a teen that all I would read would be true crime books about serial killers. I started to think about a killer that was locked up in my area could escape prison and be on the loose. My parents quit letting me read them at that point.

    I think any child with a love of reading and an active imagination may go through phases like this. (In that movie Nine Months one of the little girls is always thinking she's in a book.)

    She will outgrow it, but if this continues to the point that you think she may become a danger to herself (if you think she will take something or do something to make herself sick) you need to ban the books. At this time I only think she's a hypochondriac and she'll outgrow it.

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    What a great problem to have - most parents would love for their kids to read more. I say don't limit her. When I was that age, I still read Sweet Valley Twins, as well as Dean Koontz and John Saul, trashy romance novels too sexy for my mom, and true crime novels. I loved all of them, and felt what the characters felt: a good story can make me laugh, cry, hurt, feel anything - that's the point of storytelling. I became an English teacher, and encouraged students to read anything they enjoyed.

    She will eventually run out of Lurlene McDaniel books. At that point, take her to a bookstore - used bookstores are great - and ask her to pick out 2 or 3 authors she's never read before just to explore new topics.

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    Don't be so quick to judge, just because she's reading something slightly more ominous than what you might enjoy....because it details the suffering of different characters doesn't make it innapropriate in my opinion. At age 12 she is reading advanced material, and you should be very proud of that. Eventually she will run out of titles by Lurlene McDaniel, and she'll find something else. Every great novel has death, suffering, love, and struggle. With any luck, your daughter may be inspired to become a great author herself.

    Your job is to keep your kid grounded..not cencor the book just because you enjoy it yourself......teach her the difference between fantasy in books and the reality she lives in.....convince her that she doesn't have cancer. Lurlene McDaniel is a writer...not a doctor.

    Most parents would love to say that they have a problem with their child reading too much....instead of playing video games and listening to hardcore rap music.

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    In a way, it's a good thing. She could be well on her way to wanting to help the sick. She has an imagination and that is huge! Most 12 year olds are always "dying". I would however, try to find an author a bit less morbid.

    I know she wants to read Lurlene but...everyone has to branch out at some time. I love history books but, I know I should read others and I do. It took a while for my mom to get me out of fictional books and into non-fiction and slightly different fiction books.

    Good luck!

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    I would be more concerned about the fact that these books are not sufficiently challenging and stimulating for a twelve-year old. They're just a step above watching TV or playing video games all day. Your daughter is probably going into seventh grade this year, and will be required to read deeper, more stimulating works of fiction. Try to get her interested in books by Lois Lowry, or even Gail Carson Levine. The latter are usually fairy tales, but the author uses very rich vocabulary, and the books are very long and detailes.

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    Well....I remember when I was about her age I had an interest in reading true crime books and through the years more than one person told me I was "morbid" or had a screw loose. Turns out I was developing an intense fascination with forensic science, and now 30 years later I'm well on my way to becoming a medical examiner!

    Maybe your daughter has an interest in medicine. However, if you don't want her reading those books, I would do as you suggested and limit her time reading them. Maybe suggest some other authors that she might like, or maybe you could take her to the library or bookstore and just let her browse.

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    I was 8 when I read my first Stephen King book (Cujo).....and it went from there. I never picked up another "age appropriate" book again. Middle school and high school were my Anne Rice days (even the trashy ones), so it could be much worse. She reads, which is very good.....but yeah, take her to the library and bookstore and find her some new material if it bothers you. I've been reading the Harry Potter novels to my 3 1/2 year old and she has seen all the movies (she tells us that the Malfoy kid is her boyfriend- YUCK- if she only understood what that meant)

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    Honestly, I wouldn't worry about it too much, I was the same way. Actually still the same way. I would never tell anyone not to read, whatever it maybe. But if you are concerned, you should just talk to her about it. Find out what interests her so much with these types of books, what does she feel when she reads them, and if she is honestly concerned with her health then maybe just take her for a check up. But maybe someone she cares for is sick, or someone in a friends family and she doesn't know how to cope with that. She maybe just confused about death and sickness and this is how she is learning. Bottom line you need to talk to her, there are many things that maybe on her mind and she is just doing this to try and figure it out on her own. But please don't take books away, be proud that she's reading anything, and good luck!

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    I suppose it depends on how your daughter is in general....if she's happy enough day to day there's prob no harm in her reading these kind of books.... It's probably no worse than watching depressing soap operas or reading the news...(though I'm unfamiliar with this author) and it would be pretty difficult to physically stop a 12 yr old from reading something if she wanted to. I

    Just keep an eye on her well being and maybe read them yourself so you can discuss characters or stories with her (as you would with a soap) Reading is escapism so don't worry too much.

    Good luck

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    When I was 12, I was absolutely obsessed with trash romance novels. So it could be worse!

    I think you should read the books that she is reading. Everytime she finishes it, pick it up and read it, so that you can talk about it.

    Teens love drama. That's just the way it is. As long as she is healthy, has friends, and does things other than just reading, I don't think you should worry.

    P.S. About the tumor thing, she could be looking for attention, or just has extreme empathy. Take her to a doc, discuss the situation, and see what he/she has to say about it.

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