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"Two Americas" - would John Edwards rather be wrong than be President?

WTF is up with this guy? Why can't he understand that the "income gap" is primarily between older, experienced workers and younger, inexperienced workers in an economy that is becoming more knowledge-based than manual-labor-based? Why can't he understand that absolute economic mobility has actually increased, and that the middle class is smaller only because people are moving up out of it at a faster pace than at any time since before the New Deal? And why does he say that the income tax burden has shifted "from the rich to working families" when the proportion of total taxes paid by the top 1%, 10%, 20%, 50% continues to INCREASE?

What does he hope to gain by repeating factual assertions that are just plain false?

Update 2:

OK Bel-Air see the work that I do is worth more than $12,000 per year, that's why I'm paid more than that - you make income sound like height or hair color. It's a function of what you DO all day.

Update 3:

And the BLS data is quite clear, most low income people don't remain low income people. Of the bottom 20%, over 85% won't be in the bottom 20% a decade later. More will make it to the top 20% than will remain in the bottom 20%.

Update 4:

The illegals are for the most part doing manual labor, yes, but those are mostly jobs that didn't exist a generation ago, at least not in such large numbers - nannies, landscapers, etc.... - mom and dad both work high-pay white collar jobs and live in the suburbs, with a Brazilian nanny and a Mexican gardener.

They're not coming here to work in factories.

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    You just made more sense in one paragraph than Edwards has ever made. You took facts and an uderstading of economics and came to a logical conclusion. People of his variety form their opinions and then find the facts to support it.

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    I don't buy into the notion that the US economy is becoming more knowledge based than manual labor based. If that were true, what are all the illegals doing in this country?

    It's more appropriate to say the American labor pool is becoming more knowledge based and commanding higher paid jobs.

    Although this is a good thing, it leaves a labor void in the service areas, which pay lower wages. We still need just as many carpenters, brick layers, roofers, truck drivers, cab drivers, janitors, or what have, if not more than we needed before.

    As the middle-class grows wealthier, it creates more service jobs as well.

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    The whole point of liberalism is to play a victim and go steal what somebody else legitimately earned because you don't think it's fair.

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    JE is a lying scumbag and it should be clear to any reasonable thinking person

    i dont understand why he is even on the stage ?

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    How much do YOU earn a year! Try living on $12,000 for a few years. Then let's see you run your mouth!!! I think fdj 1 is the lyin scumbag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    It's the Pantene Pro-V..........

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    Sources please.

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