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When the police were about to arrest the defendant, they saw him swallow something. The police pumped the defendents stomach and found drugs. This was thrown out because the police invaded defendant's privacy rights.

A. chimel v. california

B. rochin v. california

C. on lee v. the united states

D. williams v. nebraska

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    "On July 1, 1949, three Los Angeles County deputy sheriffs entered the Rochin's residence without a search warrant and forcibly entered Rochin's room on the second floor."

    "Upon entering the room, the officers noticed two capsules on the night stand. Rochin immediately swallowed the capsules after officer Jack Jones asked him, "Whose stuff is this?" Jones then grabbed and squeezed Rochin by the neck, as well as shoving his fingers in Rochin's mouth as he attempted to eject the capsules. The officers, unable to obtain the capsules, handcuffed and took Rochin to Angelus Emergency Hospital where he was strapped to an operating table and had a tube forcibly placed in his mouth and into his stomach and given an emetic solution, whereupon he vomited the capsules into a bucket. The officers then retrieved the capsules and tested them to be morphine."

    "Rochin v. California" : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rochin_v._California

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    Rochin vs, California 1949

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